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Just had my morning coffee and lying in bed thinking and getting my thoughts together i am so amazed how alcohol started to control every aspect of my life.I would play with my grandaughter beer on the floor beside me rush home from work so I could get to the liquor store and down acouple of drinks before my wife came in then she thought I was only having acouple while making dinner.Of course I didnt eat dinner with her (I always saidI had a late lunch) eating would get in the way of me having a couple moreGetting up in the morning and making breakfast in bed for my wife just so I could be near the fridge for the morning beer.Having to walk my grandaughter to her club (I would not drink and drive what a good little alcoholic).People at her club must have smelt it of me.Late picking her up as I fell into the afternoon boozy sleep.After 5pm I was done couldent go anywhere.Funny I hated the beer companys when they took the cardboard dividers out the bottles make a noise when you take them out or put emptys back I have a sweatheart of a wife a good daughter and a lovely six year old grandaughter.This is not who I am I AM TAKING MY LIFE BACK.Thank You Jesus for being there watch over me today please dont let me fall into temptation I am powerless over alcohol but will succeed withyou by my side please bless me and al people at
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Great post. It's amazing the work that goes into hiding our drinking. My days went like this...

Wake up and feel horrible. Check the calendar to see if I had to be anywhere, and be thankful when I could stay at home. Watch the clock...I need to get to the store before 2 so I can get started drinking well before my husband got home. Let's see, where can I hide this bottle? Make sure and go to the store that has the slimmer plastic bottles of vodka. Oh crap, there are 3 empties that need to be slipped into the garbage. Did I find them all? I can't remember.

Find a place to hide the bottle. But wait, put some in a water bottle and hide it somewhere upstairs so I can get to it after hubby is home. He's found some of my hiding places...I need new ones.

Get as much done for dinner as I can so I'm not looking "sloppy". Oh my, there's his phone call, he's on his way home. One quick drink before he pulls in the driveway.

And that's just the weekdays. Saturday & Sunday had their own bizarre dances.

Not drinking is much less work.
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Yeah, it's amazing how all those little tricks we use to hide it from others just turns out to have been a way for us to BS ourselves. I used to do little things to try and make it seem like I wasn't pounding beers in rapid succession. Looking back, if I was fooling anyone, it was myself.

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Hey joleah,

Thanks for the good post. Iím pretty new here and donít have a lot of sober time yet, but there is one thing that I have found to help me. I need some kind of plan or routine to stay sober. If I just wing it, Iíll drink.

My current plan is to read this forum along with other sobriety sites daily, usually more than once a day. But if I find that that is not enough, Iíll try something else like AA. Since everyone is different, we need to find the best plan for ourselves.

Anyway, Iím pulling for you.
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Stupid beer companies, WTF where they thinking taking out the dividers. That's funny stuff. Take your life back and live like never before. Love me some Jesus to watch over me.
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Glad to hear of your progress joleah

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Hi Jo
We can all watch over each other here at SR. Keep working on it and stick around.
Hugs Just Jo
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