Past my 90 days - 102 to be exact and...

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Past my 90 days - 102 to be exact and...

I have no desire to go back to drinking again. I have had many ups and downs over the last few months but also many positive things happen to me that I don't believe I could truly have enjoyed if I was drinking.

As they say there is no Ying without the Yang. There is no light without the dark. How can I truly experience joy when I was unable to experience sorrow or darkness. I need to experience a bit of sorrow to get closer to the light. it is scary at times but knowing I am getting closer to the light is worth everything in the world to me.

I am happy to be living again as all of me. What a great feeling. I just wanted to share that with all of you. I hope I was able to give a little bit of hope to keep on your path toward lightness.
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Great work on 100+ days, SEC! I'm with you. Though I'm only on my 3rd week sans alcohol, I'm experiencing things that I could not appreciate or even understand when I was drunk. And I agree; perhaps the reason that I'm so thankful and appreciative of these experiences is because I know the flip side. I know where I've been, and where I'm at now and where I'm headed are a lot better than what I came from.

Keep up the awesome work!
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Hi Sec,

Yes, it is good to be able to feel all the emotions.

Congratulations on 102 sober days!
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Hi SEC -

Congrats. 102 days is great!
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Congratulations on your 102 days

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Congrats on your sober time. I know what you mean about being able to feel and take delight in opposites. And life is just plain better sober.
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Great job!! Its funny. I posted something about that whole ying yang thing today. Great minds yada yada yada!
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Congrats.... Keep it rockin'!
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huge congratulations!! 102 days is amazing! i am only 7 days ahead of you. i won't let you catch up, tho.

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102 days is amazing.... congrats. Keep going before you know it you will be at 6 months then a year.
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