Sober Saturday!

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Sober Saturday!

Alright....what are you doing on this beautiful Sober Saturday?

I'm drinking a cup of pretty good coffee. Have spent about an hour on SR. Now, I'm thinking a good cleaning of the house...and then it's going to be nice outside, I'll go out and play.

How are you spending your Sober Saturday in your corner of the world?

Make it a Great One!
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Going to try to walk the dogs later when it warms up... if they'll go. Also want to put some compost down on my garden to enrich the soil. Other than that, not doing anything special. Just enjoying the day.
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Originally Posted by coffeenut View Post
Alright....what are you doing on this beautiful Sober Saturday?

I'm drinking a cup of pretty good coffee. Have spent about an hour on SR. Now, I'm thinking a good cleaning of the house...and then it's going to be nice outside, I'll go out and play.

How are you spending your Sober Saturday in your corner of the world?

Make it a Great One!
cleaning up back yard,....trimming trees,....and bushes and doing some maintenance on pond.
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Good Morning!!
Today I am going to my part time job..for 4 hours, then going out for dinner, and then snuggling in to watch a movie!!!

Enjoy your day!!!
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Did My Errands.. Now Lunch Before My Shift At The Restaurant! Warming up A Bit Outside Just Now..
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Hey Least - I just got done sifting some compost from the pile and put it out in the garden. Found some snails out there on my plants, boo snails!
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i like the number of gardeners too..the first 2 warmest sunny days we have had for like 5 months or more...everybodys wearing a smile...worked this morn..then went an betted a winner on the grand national..for once.....yes yes..dont push it you beut...
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Taking my son to stay with his grandparents for the night, and possibly getting a full night's sleep!! Probably should clean the house and do some laundry at some point too...
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Cleaning the kitchen, then heading out for a nice long walk in the sun. Later I will tackle cleaning either my cold storage room or my office. I can't figure out which one is worse!
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Went to the gym and did two exercise classes! Now I can procrastinate no longer on the taxes. Tackle them and will reward myself with relaxation time.
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On my end the day is almost over.

Walked my bicycle to the repairshop with little man cycling next to me, came back to have lunch. Then off to the toystore to pick up some gifts for a b-day party tomorrow afternoon.
After that we went to a big recreational park, meeting up with two girlfriends, our 5 kids (combined) had a blast and we enjoyed each others company.
Came home, cooked and now reeeelaaxing on SR!
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Been dragging butt all day but considering Im in the last month of my pregnancy I guess that isnt terrible. I have been nesting for the baby and Spring cleaning I guess you could say and I have to get back to that. I have tons of clothes to put away, my least favorite chore ever so I am procrastinating.

I had no Coca Cola in the house til now (my weakness this pregnancy) so I think after this cup of soda I will have my energy to tackle a load of clothes to put away. Then I think I'll do a little clean up outside while the kids are playing.
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What a great thread! I love seeing what other sober people do with themselves. LOL
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Thanks for asking, Coffee. I'll also be doing some gardening & cleaning. Then I'm going to watch a movie all by myself - a chick flick that won't have to entertain anyone but me. (I am so thankful to not be hungover & foggy.)
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I have been clearing more stuff outta my little bungalow. I took an old computer and monitor to the e-cycle dump. (both not working or would have donated them; nobody even wanted them for parts they were soooo old!). Did some laundry. Admired my new arbor that my friends helped me assemble....envisioned it with the Wisteria growing over it soon....that is the plan anyway! And then went for a hair cut at my hairdresser's home. Met her dog Oreo and now have a new friend. Stopped at the deli to treat myself to a ham, swiss, lettuce, mayo and mustard on a home to find that the lettuce had been forgotten, and since I am sober and not foggy did not get mad and instead I decided to put the leftover summer slaw on the sandwhich and enjoyed it on my back deck..only to notice that a pair of cardinals have taken to my new garden arbor! Nice day so far. It's now a mellow time of the day as the sun is lowering itself in the sky, and I am looking to convince some friends to take a ride down to the waterfront for some chowder and clams on the half...with a nice cold rootbeer! And perhaps some homemade blueberry pie a la mode for dessert! (well, the blueberries are healthy anyway!) ....then I think I will plop down for a long night's rest. And tomorrow....I will be clear headed when I rise! YAY! And tomorrow will be 12 weeks from the last drink that I took, or that took me.

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Great thread! Love it!

Today I drove my daughter to a friend's house and then took my boys to the park.

It is wonderful to be a sober parent and to delight in my children's laughter...on a Sat. afternoon no less!

Saturday's once found me hungover, sick, the darkened room. I'd hide from the family, the phone, life. I'd rid myself of anyone who came near me.

Dear Lord, let me never forget the people I harmed by my drinking...including myself.
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I went out looking at mountain bikes. Need another sport.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I like balance AA meeting
Nap....Visiting neighbors...called my son to check in...
back here to share with y'all.

That's what I plan for a pleasant productive tomorrow too.
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Cleaning the house earlier for an open house tomorrow and tonight I have a HUGE mug of decaf coffee and we are rocking out to utube tunes and dancing and dancing like a crazy Mom, Dad, and son. Look out Dancing with the Stars. LOL! They have nothing to worry about.
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What a beautiful day! Caught a meeting earlier and enough time for a 45 minute bike ride before work tonight. The best time I've had at work .......checking people into this resort since I started working here. And that's been a while. Day 7 <smiling>
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