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I have decided today that I'm quitting drinking for good.
How hard can it be after all ?

I love my family so so much and want to make thier life so much better.

Your help would be kindly appreciated

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Welcome to SR! Staying sober will enrich your own life as well as your family's life. There are so many benefits to living sober and so many drawbacks to the drinking life.
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Good for you to make a decision that will benefit you and your family for many years!
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..nothing iz easy...something is a bit harder...

..this site helps ..

..keep postin'...Oz:
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I guess it depends on what you consider hard.... Its a lot easier 24 hrs at a time..
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Quitting is relatively easy. Staying stopped is the hard bit and where the real 'work' starts.

Dedicate your whole life to sobriety and your recovery from alcoholism and you stand half a chance. Sobriety has to be No1 priority above all else in your life. Anthing placed above sobriety will be lost anyway if you're an alcoholic.

Remember it's the first drink that does all the damage. One drink is too many and 100000 not enough.

You have to change your whole life and have total certainty that drinking will only lead you to jail, institutions or death. I know that is the reality for me.

SR is a great recovery resource and helps me stay sober. AA is also free and there are meetings everywhere.

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Hi and Welcome!

You can do it!

I hope you do this for yourself and for your family.
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Originally Posted by tracker6uk View Post
I have decided today that I'm quitting drinking for good.
How hard can it be after all ?

I love my family so so much and want to make thier life so much better.

Your help would be kindly appreciated

sometimes the things that are worth while don't come easy,...but it differs from one person to another?

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Welcome. Glad you are taking action. Have you decided to start of program of recovery? For me, I use a combination of AA, SR, and working with other alcoholics.

As Neo said, it is the staying sober that is the hard part. Glad you are here.
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hi tracker

Welcome - hopefully you can make your own life a little better too

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hello there tracker,welcome to sr.
as someone said.stopping is the easy part.
its finding a new way of living where it is not necessary to drink that is the hard work.
i stopped many times over a 20 year period,but always picked up the first drink i drank till i could get sober again and got sober till i drank again....on and on and on.
i use the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for my recovery.
my life is infinitly better than the pitiful exisitence i was in before.
i wish you well.
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