TOPIC: When 1 Door Closes Another 1 Opens

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Hi Im Sharon and Im An Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely grateful.

When one door closes another
one opens.

Ever heard that saying before?

What does it mean?

When one opportunity like a job,
relationship, carrer doesnt pan out
and end abruptly we automatically
think our life is over.

Where are we to go from now?

Is it the end of the road for us?
Or do we pick ourselves up by
the boot straps and begin looking
for newer opportunities?

My life has been 1 of many ups
and downs before, during and
after alcohol.

Always coming to a fork
in the road not knowing which
road to take. Is it the the right

Some of those choices opened
doors and eventually closed.

In return other right choices
opened doors that ive been
extremely grateful for.

A door at my job is about to
close in 2 weeks. As much as
Ive enjoyed my bakery job its
management that has given
me once again a bad taste in
my mouth.

I left for a yr. then returned
after hip replacement. I was
content with my 6 to 2 job
until my schedule changed
from 8 to 4.

This schedule doesnt sit well
with my husband and I.

We r married to each other
and not our jobs even tho
we still need to work as we
near retirement.

Management of course dont
see that but use us for their
own benifits.

Anyway.....i must rely on a Power
greater than I to guide me in
the direction He wishes for me
to go.

As this door eventually closes
i look for the next one to open
by Him.

Have doors opened and closed
for you?

Do you have some ESH u wish
to share with others with
this situation as it may give
hope to others who r struggling?
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