Day 4 (I want a drink)

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Day 4 (I want a drink)

It is day four…I am 1,300 miles from my family and it is holiday.. never was one for the holidays. I aways got very drunk on holidays..

It is a nice sunny day and found myself at the pool. Then I noticed several people having cocktails.. of course one of my favorite things to do is drink and sit by the pool.. I found myself trying to make a deal again.. I went back and forth about going to the store to get some coronas and I almost did..
I removed myself from the pool area went home and got on this website – which helped.

Again I reminded myself that I have to work tomorrow, I have done such a great job thus far and I will regret tomorrow and feel much worse than I do now..and have to deal with whatever bad behavoir I did the night before...

I hope I make it today…
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Keep playing the tape through. When you wake up tomorrow after NOT drinking, you won't wish you had drank.
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Originally Posted by suki44883 View Post
Keep playing the tape through. When you wake up tomorrow after NOT drinking, you won't wish you had drank.

SO true.
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You did the right think leaving the pool and getting to the computer and on line with the rest of us!

Stay strong, it is worth it and you know it!:ghug3
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the early days are hard did well not to cave, and to come here for support

Using support like SR, playing the tape through - forcing myself to look at the consequences - and realising that cravings/triggers need not be acted upon were very useful tools for me.

Keep up the good work
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