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So... been through another bout of alcoholism, and had my fill.


Now my girlfriend wants to quit with me.
I feel this, is really the beginning of an epic adventure.
We can support each other through this... im SO happy she's decided that drinking is just bloody pointless too. There was no way I was going to leave her, even through my recovery. I relapsed, through my own fault, but basically, I'm so bloody happy she's decided to join me. I've wanted to give up for BLOODY AGES sorry for shouting people, but, I'm lucky.

It was hell on earth trying to give up by myself, while my other half was still pounding the beers. I'm going to admit i've had a few beers as its her birthday today, but, im still up an writing this, BUT...

SO happy she's looking for something else.
So was I for the longest time, it's so easy to be pulled into drinking.

The fact is, the people we all chill out with growing up, they drink or they don't. And its a matter of subjectiveness.

I just attended Back on Track for my DUI, and I really got a lot out of it...
57% of people in ontario have 2 drinks a week.
6.7% have 25 drinks or more.
3% have DUI's.
If you live in it, you dont know what's outside, and both of us are like that.
We both grew up thinking drinking a shitload was normal, it isn't.
It's a shock to the system, to realise that, you abuse alcohol.
Anyway, this is my last day with alcohol in my system, and I know it. I've had the pink cloud, I've had the relapse, and now that I know she doesn't want this anymore, we can BOTH move forward.
And live a GREAT life.

If I sound cocky, im sorry, but I've been wishing for this for some time now, and, I have it.

Thankyou SR for always being THERE, HERE and right where I need you.
And thanks to all the veterans, you ALL have huge balls. This includes the women.

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not trying to be a ball buster,


if you had a drink

what do you have?

i was told,

anything after BUT, is Bull S

get back on that pink cloud orig

me, still on it after seven years

good wishes to you
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..well the women usualy have bigger b#lls then us men...

..n suits me just fine,,cause when i'm drunk..i'm just a big dumb 'fool'..

..thanks for the post..original..(another veteran)
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Glad to know both of you are seeking a better future.

This is going to be accomplished
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I'm glad you're feeling positive about your recovery, and wonder what plan you have?

I would also caution you about getting sober with your girlfriend. Yes, it can be a good means of support, but it could also be a problem if she relapses or decides to not continue recovery.
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Thanks guys...
Just didn't have anyone to talk to, and felt really good that she was joining me.
As useful or as useless as it may be, it feels more of a team effort now.

Have a good one

The plan is...
A life without alcohol.
And to take it all a day at a time
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Make your success, or lack of it, and hers, independent of each other... Ya know? What if you are doing GREAT and she, well, not so great.... and she slips, relapses, whatever... ??? ready for that.

You both must work your own recovery, independently. Yes it will be easier, no booze around, but it could get complicated!


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I'm really glad your gf is quitting too Orig ...and I've no wish to bring you down, but my experience compels me to say this:

do this for you, noone else - because I believe that's the only way this works...and yes, support is awesome, but you have to do the work for yourself, just like your gf will.

and think about something more than willpower, Original...cos for me even tandem collective willpower didn't cut it.

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