I'm Back

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I'm Back

Well, I'm back from my weekend away. The Saturday night at the club where my husband's band played was fine. I didn't crave anything at all. I was fine, tired and bored..but fine. Actually it was pretty hilarious to watch all these people progressively get bombed..

Sunday was a different story. Dinner at my Mom's. OUCH. In a weird way I think someone was looking out for me because a flu took out my sister and my brother in law and they didn't come which helped with the questions about why I wasn't drinking she would demand to know. However, sitting watching my Mom and Aunt drink wine before and during dinner was torture. I was anxious and uncomfortable. I didn't know where to put myself.

Today to I have bad cravings for white wine. I think because I'm reading a book called "Drinking: A Love Story" and her drink of choice was white wine and the romantic way in which she described it made me want one!! Also, because when I get home from a weekend back home I just want my body to relax and I feel a lot of pressue to get everything unpacked and stuff ready for the kids the next day. I want the tension to go away.

My mouth is watering as I type this. The good news is I have none in the house. I do have a bottle of red here but it doesn't interest me. I keep telling myself I won't feel like this tomorrow. I hope. 13 days today.
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Glad to hear you're back and sober. Yes, the cravings do start to lessen, it just takes time and work to change ourselves into sober people again. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You'll get there.

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Everything I've read says the first 14 days are the worst so it should get better.

I know that mouth watering feeling though, stay strong and know that it passes.
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Glad you're back Charlotte.

Back before I came here, I often found that if I'd 'denied' myself one night, the cravings got worse in the days after....maybe this is a similar thing?

I really wouldn't keep any alcohol around if you can help it - in my drinking days I drank anything if I got obsessed enough.

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Glad to know you came home sober....
Drink a lot of cold water as you remember
how good you will feel awakeing sober tomorrow.
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Yes, I'm planning on getting rid of it. I had it to bring down to my Mom's this weekend and I forgot it..So, I'm going to have to give it to someone to get it out of my sight.

I've eaten now so I feel better and don't have the cravings anymore. Whew!..Thanks everyone, You Rock
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Charlotte, I'm glad you made it through that.

"Drinking: A Love Story" is one of my very favourite books.

I read it when I was still drinking, but it was the first time I thought - wow, if she can do it, maybe I really could do it.

And, I found the way she romanticized her drinking and the grief and loss she felt when she stopped drinking, very helpful. It was the first time that I could see it as a process.
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Hi Charlotte, way to go on the weekend!

I'm sorry to hear your sister had the flu, but would have to agree with you that 'someone' was very likely watching over you to ease the pressure some.

I love that book you're reading. Her writing is very provocative - so sad she died of lung cancer at 42. Cravings associated with reading about drinking or watching people drinking on tv does lessen over time. It lessened for me dramatically when I accepted that I couldn't have just one or two to relax - it's not even a possibility and that's ok.

Back in my drinking days, I vividly recall wishing I was one of those people at the party who didn't drink (there were always a couple of them) when I woke up with such massive hangovers the next day. Now I am - life is good.
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Lucky 13? Way to go! I went see bands at bars early in the process as well; against the advice of others. Worked out well; now at 8 months. I still consciously avoid parties and meeting up at bars if I can avoid it, but do feel relatively comfortable in those situations now. Early on it was a little tough, but I gained new insight by looking at all the trashed people I somehow never noticed before.
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Congratulations! Glad to hear you made it through your weekend sober!

I had cravings fairly badly in the beginning, and to echo what others have said - they do lessen over time. One of the best pieces of advice I read on this site was "All you have to do is avoid the first drink".

Stay strong!

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Oh, I hate cravings! Just reading your post made me want a glass of wine- my favorite drink as well lol. You made it through a really tough moment and that's great! 13 days is awesome, and everyone says it gets easier with time.
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Congrats on staying sober over the weekend..rough in the beginning..but you can do it if you really want it and I believe that you do.
Today to I have bad cravings for white wine. I think because I'm reading a book called "Drinking: A Love Story"
Loved that book but never felt the urge to drink while reading it. It actually made me stronger on being sober.
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Charlotte, it's pretty groovy that you got through the weekend; I remember you anticipating a hassle over it in one form or another.

Is the style of that book OK for you, as far as how alcohol is perceived? I used to feel discomfort early on when reading here, but then it went away for the most part, and the "romanticism" for it wasn't there. (Romanticism isn't the word I want, but what I can do? It's all I've got right now, ha ha.)

Did anyone at all get on your case about not drinking while you were there?

I think you're doing great. The days will inch by a little bit more during the first month perhaps, but then they will start to fly by, just like life normally does.
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Congratulations, not only on your 13 days, but getting through your weekend....and it sounds like you learned a great deal, as well! Keep it going, girl!
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Originally Posted by Toronto68 View Post
Did anyone at all get on your case about not drinking while you were there?

No actually. I know my Mom noticed but I think she was afraid to ask. We tend to like things like this left in the dark. It might make us less perfect if its brought out in the open. Can you guess who I got my perfectionism from?

Not to mention she may have an issue with it herself.
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