New on here..

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New on here..

Hey my names Ashley, I recently got out of white deer run rehab facility, and am still clean =]. Im a little nervous posting my first blog, my out patient counsiler told me to join and online program. My drug of choice is Oxycontin and Methadones. I turn 16 in two weeks and have to say im very nervous because i do want to go out and party and just have a good time but am afraid of what might happen. I already have 53 days clean! I dont want to ruin it. Any advice????
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Hi Ashley,


Good for you with 53 days clean and I know you will find lots of support here.
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Hi Ashleyyy

Welcome !

You'll find a lot of support and experience here. It's possible to have a great life, full of fun laughter and good times and not use or drink.

There's a lot of us here who manage it. Try not to be overwhelmed. Just think about today for now.

Keep reading and posting

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Welcome ((Ashley))!

Congrats on your clean time! Wow, I really wish I had gotten my addictive ways under control when I was your age. I could have saved myself decades of some serious dysfunction

You'll find a lot of support here. Do you go to meetings or have some type of support f2f? I know having a social life is REALLY important at your age (my niece is your age) but you CAN find friends that don't party or do stuff that will lead you back to the dope.

Hugs and prayers!

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Hey Ashley,

Welcome! Congrats on 53 days sober - that's awesome!

Your sweet 16 can be a sweet and sober 16!

My advice? Talk to your outpatient counselor. See what her suggestions are. Can you spend your bday with other sober friends that you met in rehab? Stick close to sober people, not just on birthdays, but all the time.

Past partying friends might say that being sober means 'boring' - that is so NOT true.

You're in good company here, Ashley! Look forward to hearing about your bday plans!

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We Do Recover
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Welcome Ashley! Glad you are here. This is a great place for support. We do recover.
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Best advice would be to go to a meeting and get a sponser... Good luck
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Welcome here. 53 days is awesome!!! And 16 your young that is good get a hold of this when you are young.
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Welcome to SR! I"m glad you joined the family. Lots of good forums here, lots of good advice and hope. Congrats on your clean time and glad to be walking Recovery Road with you.
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thanks for your post...You will have to put everything you got into your recovery to become free of the pull to go back. this can be done by staying active in recovery in everyday. one day at a time.
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