A very negative mind is pulling me down

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A very negative mind is pulling me down

I donít have anything to write about.
A very negative mind is pulling me down. Or I am pulling myself down, instead of submitting to the higher power that is within me, in my upper mind somewhere. I donít have to feel good to be with the higher power that lives in my mind. If I can go to that place, just touch it a little bit; then I can be ok with the thick and heavy negative mindset thatís been running the show for the last few hours of my life.
OK...maybe it's a little better than an hour ago. It is. Off to a meeting.
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I hope the meeting helps even more, ksplash.

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Hey Ksplash,

Hope the meeting helps you to fire that negative committee in your head. Every moment, every breath, every day sober is something to be proud of! Take care of yourself.

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Ksplash, try to halt the negative stuff that is running through your mind.

Listen to some good music, go for a walk, play with your pet - whatever you can do to feel better.
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I hope you can find peace of mind and not hear that negative voice so loudly in your head.
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Ksplash: i Hate When i Get in Those Spaces.. Sometimes it just Seems To Come On Out Of Nowhere All Of a Sudden.. Trying Something Different is Sometimes What Works For Me! Be Good To You..
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I feel so much better....Music helped on my way to the meeting.

at the meeting a girl at my table that I never met before mentioned that she donít define herself as a relapser anymore, but rather she defines herself as an alcoholic who has a problem with chronic relapsing. It stuck within me and I thanked her.
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Hey, hey, :-)

I'm not sure I like the idea of someone labeling themselves as a chronic relapser. That little man that lives in our head can then say "Hey, I can drink tonite, afterall I'm a Chronic Relapser."

A good friend of mine who after sometime has now become a frequent relpaser, you could say. However, I think and refer to her as "Still Struggling"
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Ksplash, like you I have found that simply the action of going to a meeting puts me into a better place even before I get there, like you I get out of my head by letting the music into my head, then of course once at the meeting, knowing I am in a place that is safe & I can speak of what is going on in my head & having others who have been there share with me how they deal with it helps.

Just knowing that I am not alone in those feelings & that there is a solution for them makes a huge difference.

This morning one of my sponsee's called and we shared what was going on in both of our heads, we wound up laughing at what we are both dealing with right now, realizing that the only real problems we had were more our own perception of what was going on & not real issues.
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As soon as that stuff starts flooding in I HAVE to let it go, change my thinking process, find something to do, totally switch gears. If I sit in it then of course that's where I'll stay. I hope the meeting helped your spirits.
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