im new.

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Red face im new.

Hi everyone.. i found this website through one of my counselors at a sheriffs corrections center im attending.. i recently just got outta of jail and i had to detox in there from perks and i finally realized that i need to get my act together and stay clean for myself and my family. i was locked up from 1.27.10 - 3.10.10 and ive been clean ever since.. i could go on and on about everything that has happened to me but im just really lookin for someone to talk to about the whole recovery thing.. i wanna kno more about meetings and if there are like meetings online. thanks for your help!
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Hey there, Tamdeezy!

Glad you were pointed here. It's a great place for sharing our experiences along our journey. No post is too long, no question too simple or complicated to ask.

Look forward to getting to know you!

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Hi and Welcome!

There is lots of support here.
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Hi Tam, welcome to SR
Congratulations on your sobertime!

We have online meetings here at SR, see the forum as you scroll down below newcomers daily and if you go to this link: - the website for the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

you can find more info on online meetings as well as any meetings in your next of the woods.

This is a great place, and I am glad you have found us
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Welcome! Glad you are here. This is a great place for support. We do recover.
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thanks for all the replies! it makes me feel real good to kno there are so many helping hands!
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Welcome Tamdeezy!!!
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Welcome to SR Tamdeezy, check out both NA & AA meetings in your area, I know a lot of recovering addicts in my area attend both. I find it so helpful to have real life clean & sober friends to do things with and share things about recovery as well as posting here.

The biggest plus to AA/NA is that you can do real things out in the real world with people who are recovering. I find a great deal of hope when I go with friends who are also in recovery doing normal things just like any one else.

We learn in AA/NA how to function outside of meetings by attending meetings and doing things with other people in recovery.
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Welcom Tam, glad you are on the road to recovery!
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Originally Posted by tamdeezy View Post
thanks for all the replies! it makes me feel real good to kno there are so many helping hands!
...and helping hearts!

Check out the other categories available here on SR too. Tons of info - all great people.
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Welcome to SR! Lots of support and information here. Do check out the link for online meetings. Congrats on your clean time. Hope you can keep it up.
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Welcome to the family, tamdeezy. It's fantastic that you're not a slave to that poison any more - you're free. It's a great idea to talk about your experiences & how you're feeling now - I loved it that I was no longer alone when I found this place. Everyone understood, no one judged.

Congratulations on your new life - I hope it's a wonderful one.
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Congrats on the clean time! Welcome!
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Welcome Tam

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Welcome Tam!! Glad to "meet" you!! Congratulations on your fantastic accomplishment of getting clean!

Peace and hugs,
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