I called my sponsor- havent spoken to him in a 9 months

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I called my sponsor- havent spoken to him in a 9 months

It was all I could do but not tear up- he was so cool. Rides Harleys, rock n roll (ex) lifestyle, what a great guy. I need help- thanks everyone. Going one minute at a time now- but when I get back from my trip this week (biz) I am going to visit my main man. Boring I know- thats where I am at....Love you all.
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Do what ya gotta do dude.

I hope you can get some peace soon Dub. The only way that you will know that is to be free from that poison for good, one day at a time.

All The Best
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That is a tough call to make... nice work!
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I'm glad you did that Dub - I hope you follow it up

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Way to go man! Keep on doing the next right thing and taking suggestions. You can do this thing my friend. Anyone can. Keep us posted on your progress.
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Good work, my friend! Now, follow up on it. Please don't wait around to get to a meeting. Go tonight. Get some recovery started! If you're like me and have "down time" while your on the road, be sure to take some phone numbers and some recovery-related reading material. Hole up in your room if you aren't traveling with folks in recovery!

Stay out of slippery places for now, like the hotel bar. Ask the have the mini bar removed before you arrive. You can do this over the phone and it's not an unusual request.

Couldn't hurt to check ahead for AA meetings near the hotel. Who does your travel arrangements? Check ahead for "family friendly" restaurants in the local area. If anyone in your travel party asks, just tell them you're "not drinking today" if they need to know.

Keep checking in on SR!

Much love,

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Sometimes picking up the phone and asking for help is the hardest thing to do. Well done......(now just keep moving forward)

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That was a huge step. Good for you!
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Dub glad to hear you called your sponsor, I would suggest as already suggested to take some reading with you & to get on the net and google some AA meetings where you are traveling to, I have gone to some great meetings out of town.
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