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I don't want to tell anyone I'm quitting because I want to leave the door open to drink again
I did this too, and relapsed bigger than ever. On my last go around I told everyone important in my life. At that point I just needed to save my own ass and not worry about what other people thought about it.
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Charlotte, I am similar to you when it comes to not having what I believe in at the top of my mind.

I identified with atheism when I was about 19, and I was also resentful and dealing with bereavement and other things that seemed like a major slap in the face. Seemed logical too, since we are all particles of chemistry and whatever science teaches us. What is a "soul"?

Once in a while I would think of something off-kilter though, like how there could be a spirit inside a mountain. And when I watch a documentary about space, it doesn't look very God-oriented, it all looks so accidental. But I obviously don't know all the answers or have anything new to reveal, ha ha. I have since moderated my views and don't think I am atheist anymore (that was before I quit drinking). I don't know what I am, I'm just here. I like a phrase used in the AA Big Book that talks about an "inner resource" in a person. (I haven't read it through and through yet, but I have taken a look.)
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