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I like to use food to it...serving it to friends....enjoying it with friends.
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Hi Kjell...

I think it's perfectly natural to feel fear - doing things, especially social things, without alcohol is unfamiliar and strange.

My advice is as time goes on and the more you do it, the less unfamiliar it gets to be.

It has to be said tho, like Anna, I'm far less social these days - not through fear or because I feel uncomfortable but because I'm more in tune with who I am, and less worried about what other people think or expect me to do.

In the end, Kjell, celebrating without a drink hasn't killed me yet - but years of drinking almost did...

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i've done my almost
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Yes, I am on step 4, currently working the fears part of that.

...and Keith, I'll read pages 100 - 102.

Ok, once again, thank you all.
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Originally Posted by Kjell View Post

So, I'll ask it again. How do we celebrate? I don't know how...
For me the important thing to keep in mind is that I really don't need to celebrate to be content. If the Holiday turns out to be a dudd, I simply treat it like just another day and retire early.

I know it is hard to detach from expectations and fear but detachment is really the key to equanimity. The more I see adversity from the perspective as a student the less I see myself as a victim. That is what a good program turns me into - a student.
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It doesn't bug me anymore. In fact...sitting back and watching someone else make an a$$ of themselves, while they 'celebrate' makes me all the more grateful for sobriety.

You'll get there! You're learning a lot on your journey through early sobriety....enjoy it!

Good Thread!
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For way too long I thought about things like that but now I know one thing: My wife and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary this Saturday. Well, it's Thursday and I haven't given drinking one consideration on Saturday because SAT is not here yet. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to drink Saturday on Thursday. So, don't "think" about it until the time comes and when it comes, prepare yourself to do whatever it takes to stay sober. That might mean not celebrating at all, doing something completely different, etc.

Remember, one celebratory drink can lead to an alcoholics death. I am not being dramatic and anyone who is an alcoholic knows it.
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Originally Posted by Boleo View Post
The more I see adversity from the perspective as a student the less I see myself as a victim. That is what a good program turns me into - a student.
...and every situation is a God-given lesson for the student to learn. The more I learn, the more I grow spiritually and the closer to God I become. Great words, Boleo.

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I looked up "celebrate" in the dictionary and did not see any mention of alcohol, I think that is just something which has been added to the definition, the inclusion of alcohol, but to me celebration is a state of mind. From where I stand, it's being happy about something; devoting or bringing attention to something. I didn't really "celebrate" St. Patrick's Day per say because the day and the Saint really means nothing to me but I do like the food and the music and the people watching so I was overjoyed to spend the afternoon with my Irish wife, eating the food, singing the songs, and watching the people out and about. It had nothing to do with alcohol for either one of us that day. That alone is actually something worth celebrating!
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