guess i have probably disappeared...into the abyss

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guess i have probably disappeared...into the abyss

my mind is like scrambled - going to bed. Peace.
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Wishing you a good and peaceful sleep Dub.
We'll be here tomorrow, mate.

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Have you seen your doctor lately? Please do so. And like Dee said, get a good night's sleep, we'll be here tomorrow.

Much love to you,

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Take care of yourself.

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come and post when you wake up know someone will be hear to can do this...along with a trip to your doctor to reaffirm your goals.
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Originally Posted by dedubya View Post
my mind is like scrambled - going to bed. Peace.
Nothing Beats a Good Nights Sleep Dubya.. Hang in there my Friend!
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It does get better............ I swear!!!
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guess i have probably disappeared...into the abyss

I hope that doesn't mean you're back to drinking again... but if you are, stop doing it now! Now would be a good time to stop.
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How are you doing Dub?
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Dear Dub,
IF you are drinking again you can stop and start AFRESH!
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Please take care of yourself, Dub. We need you here.
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