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Really cool description in the third paragraph wichita.
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Originally Posted by Kjell View Post
I know for me, St Patty's Day was a big drinking/drugging day. Not that I didn't do as much partying or more on different occasions, but this was a big one for me. Maybe the only difference was that my behavior was a bit more tolerated.

I used to live in Richmond, VA and they have multiple celebrations before, during, and after St Patty's Day.

Today, I want to remain sober. So I will pray throughout the day, maybe check out SR a few times, talk a walk if possible. Then after work, I'll go to a meeting, come home and work out, then call my sponsor.

Heck, that sounds an awful lot like most of my days Hmmmm...

What are you going to do to stay sober today?
went to a meeting tonight
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I rarely celebrated St Paddy's day, even though I would receive multiple invites to go out to a pub. I couldn't stand the crowds in the bars - you get that many liquored up people in one small space and people just act stupid, or worse. It sounds weird for me to think that way, considering my drinking excesses. But the places I drank were usually quiet, less frequented places.
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I drank every day of my St. Patricks was never a big deal...but as I was getting ready for work this morning, on tv they were showing a bar getting ready to open (at 7 a.m.). The announcers were going on about how they had 200 kegs that would go until noon or one. There were huge lines of people standing there in the dark of the morning...waiting for the bar to open.

Just kinda made me sad. And, damn glad I was going to work.
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This is one of the easy ones for me because I was a professional drinker and always looked at holidays like New Years Eve, St Paddys, Cinco de Mayo, etc as amateur night. Too bad the joke was on me
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