I'm back

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I'm back

As I've been unable to stay sober up to now I thought it appropriate I say hello in the newcomers section...hello

After having been drunk for the past 4 days I'm back where I started, except that this time I feel I hit my rock bottom last night and believe that I will finally change my ways for good. I'm just so glad that my partner is sticking with me...he hasn't given up on me so I won't either.
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Welcome back. I am so with you--after a couple of days of binging, I am back today, and looking for the support of the group. So together, we can stay sober today, just for today. We all have to believe that we're worth saving.
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Welcome back burstpeach
I hope last night was your bottom too.

Whats your plan?
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Welcome back burtspeach.
Good to hear that your partner is standing by you. That sure makes it a lot easier.
Good luck.
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Burstpeach and citylights, welcome back. Don't give up, you can do it. What's your plan for today? One day at a time...
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Welcome back Burstpeach and citylights, I know citylights has a plan, he is going back to what worked for years for him & adding SR to it, what are you doing to stay sober?

I will share with you that I found after many years of trying that doing the same thing over & over again leads to the same results over & over again. I learned that if I want different results I needed to try something different.
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Welcome back burstpeach that was a great decision to sober up. You can do it especially with all of the great people on SR to help you. Keep us posted and look foward to a new life full of joy and happiness.
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Welcome back!

It's great that you're not giving up on yourself.

There is a better life out there for you!
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Oh that feeling of waking up from a bender. I don't ever want to feel like that again - never ever. You don't have to either. Just keep that thought in mind whenever the going gets tough and please stick with us - both of you.
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Sometimes this is what needs to happen - I know it was for me - I had to be absolutely disgusted and terrified. The last time that happened I feared for my life after a 3 week binge. My body couldn't take any more abuse. I came here and never looked back. I found the encouragement I needed from people I respected, who had been where I had.

You can do this - remember how you feel right now, and vow to never put yourself back there again. A new day will dawn for you - you will be free.
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Welcome back! I'm glad you're deciding to live a sober life. It's so worth it.
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Welcome back, Peach!

You are blessed to have a supportive partner, and I hope to see more of your posts.
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