i suck at this

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I agree with Mark Dub.
I had to stop thinking about it and...just do it.

I had to down to as simple as 'do not EVER raise a glass of alcohol to your lips - and you'll be ok.'

Not easy, mind...but simple.

Hour by hour, day by day...keeping that commitment.

Not just about stubbornness but focus...doing whatever I needed to stay committed to that goal of not drinking.

It was the only way I'd have ever gotten sober, and stayed that way.
I was way too 'smart' for my own good.

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good advice- its really not a rocket science- I am trying..
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I was thinking the other day, that I stopped drinking the way I stopped smoking (18 years ago)...I didn't *like* it anymore...with smoking it was a hideous "plastic" aftertaste in my mouth...i couldn't stand the way my hair smelled like smoke or my clothing...I was disgusted....this was before the patch and the gum were available, I went from 2.5 packs a day to a pack a week, to zero. it took me a year before I stopped completely.

I need the disgust factor for drinking.....right now the fresh memory of 4 weeks ago...with the nausea and lower GI upset is still with me....I was heaving so hard I thought I would blow my teeth out of my head.....

but just a few more days, weeks, whatever..that memory can fade, so I am latching on to how good it feels to be sober, get real sleep, look better and NOT have depression sitting on my head like a big wet heavy blanket....

Dub, I wish you the best.
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I'm sorry your having it hard but no one said it would be easy, and I can tell you my new friend that this isn't easy to do. If by Chance it was so easy, there would be a heck of a lot higher Recovery Rate than what is shown. But it is Doable.

I wish I would have been here today for you, I feel bad about that. I am wrapped up into my own crap right now which isn't fun at all. Matter of fact, I am scared to death to even come on any sites at all anymore. But here I am typing away cause I want you and me both to be able to find the serenity that we deserve. Well at least you do LOL

Plan of Action

1. Don't drink No matter what
2. Go to meetings
3. Get and USE a sponsor
4. Work the Steps (with your sponsor)
5. Read the Recovery Literature

and oh yeah when you wake up even if you don't believe there is a God just say God help me to stay sober today. that is all

With Love Dude!@
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Oh yeah and you don't suck at this cause you've never done this right!?!

I'm the one that sucks at this cause I've been down this road to many times.
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Have you had a good physical recently? Alcohol really messes with our body chemistry. Do you have a good doctor you trust? If not, find one and get checked out.

I think most of us had trouble getting a clear head after abusing alcohol. It took me some time to get back on my game. I had trouble focusing, some memory stuff, moodiness, that sort of thing.

I also found out my thyroid was a little off. It's fine now but I think eating better helped with that. Are you taking a good multi-vitamin? The "B's" are important in recovery! Ask your doctor about adding some B12, B6 and B3. Don't take the B12 at night as it may keep you awake.

I know it feels like trying to untangle a Gordian knot, and it kind of is at first, but you can figure it out. Your doctor can help point you in the right direction. And we are here for you!

Much love to you, my friend! Just keep coming back!

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i'm gunna add one to vic's list,

6- Rule62, Dont take yourself too damm serious

get out of self concentration, and learn to laugh at yourself debs

good wishes,

and never give up
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Originally Posted by dedubya View Post
well I am having milk and oreos now- not drinking. I feel vulnerable though... Going to bed really early and just focusing on today.
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Where ya at? You OK? Just haven't seen ya yet today.
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