I'm New: Day 2. Saying Hello and Thank You

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I'm New: Day 2. Saying Hello and Thank You

I've been online all day, first reading, then joining, now posting.

I quit drinking yesterday. I didn't plan it, I just did it. Then I looked up quitting online and have been reading and writing stuff ever since. I'm not sure AA is for me, and I'm not sure I can do it alone so the web has been a great support so far. I'm definately not alone, so many things resonate with me.

I started a blog, basically talking to myself, but it already feels like a lifeline.

Basically, I drank every day for 20 years and in the last 6 months had progressed to a 12 pack of beer minimum daily. I worked full-time at a law firm and am a single mom of 4 kids. On Feb 26th I lost my job, and yesterday I quit drinking.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I'll be lurking and posting and holding on. Thanks for being here!
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Welcome! What a wonderful decision especially not even realizing it. God Shot maybe! Hope you the best in your journey!
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Nice to see you here again on day 2. Welcome to an opportunity for change. Post and read, post and read, post and read.

Healing happens!

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Welcome to SR!!!

I, personally, don't think it is coincidence that you found us, but regardless, am very glad you are here. This is a place that is full of wonderful, supportive people. Alcohol isn't my "thing" (I'm a recovering crack addict), but I've decided it really doesn't matter WHAT we use/abuse....we all need some ES&H (experience, strength and hope) and I've always gotten it here.

Way to go on day 2!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Thank you, thank you and thank you! Googling "God Shot" now...

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HonestlyN, I don't know if I am right, but I understood God Shot to mean a moment of grace, like something that just happens all of a sudden and that IT is on your side. Some people say that it is a God and others just have an "it." I stopped the way you did in a way, it was in the immediate and there wasn't a thunderbolt or drama (real or perceived). Good for you. When I come in here and find people that are stopping, I say not to put big mountains to climb in their head. I suppose that helps them to look at it as one day at a time. I never used to grasp that very well, and I didn't really see a lot of value in one day; now I like seeing something valuable in each day.
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Hi and welcome
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Welcome Nony!

I've had quite a few God shots (or "God winks" or "coincidences" as being God's way of remaining anonymous).

Whatever you choose to call them, it's also how I happened to stumble upon SR when I was looking for something else too.

(((Echoes here))) SR is an awesome place with the most amazing, supportive people.

I used AA in the beginning of sobriety, along with a counselor experienced with alcoholism, and both enabled me to establish a firm foundation for building a recovery program that works for me. Key word is "works" - have to continue working whatever your recovery program turns out to be in order for it to continue "working" in your sober life.

Everyone's different and everyone needs to find their own way. Know that you don't have to do this alone.

Keep reading, posting, sharing. Journaling is awesome too - getting the cobwebs/scattered thoughts out onto paper.

Look forward to hearing from you! :ghug3
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Hi Nony, welcome.... ipretty much quit the same night I googled and found this website, I hadn't conciously planned it, but I seized the opportunity when I saw it....what did I have to lose? That was 24 days ago, and this is the longest i have gone without alcohol since I was pregnant back in 1980-1981.
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I'm not sure AA is for me, and I'm not sure I can do it alone
I could not do it alone, I knew that AA was not for me, as a result I had no choice but to try and stop on my own. Well after a 5year drunk I was hopeless & willing to do anything to stay sober! Doctor sent me to detox & detox sent me to AA.

What I found in the rooms of AA has been experience, strength & hope! I found people who did not judge me for who I was or what I had done in the past, I found people who knew how to stay sober & found true joy in sharing with me how they stayed sober. I found laughter, & friendship as well.

What do you have to lose by going to an AA meeting? An hour or 2 of your time? How many hours did you spend drinking?

What do you have to gain by going to an AA meeting? A new life, friends, long term sobriety?

SR is an awesome place, I would encourage you if the need to drink becomes overwhelming or life sober just sucks to give AA a try before you pick up a drink.
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