I'm back!

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I'm back!

I haven't been on SR for six months or so, mostly because I felt guilty because I was still drinking and apparently I wasn't ready to stop. Last year my sober date was 1-29-09. I remained sober for 3 months or so. I lost my job in August and I've been drinking since. I'm ready to stop.

Hello to all my old friends who are still here!
meet me in chat!

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I'm soo glad you made it back mama! so many dont

Enjoyed seeing you in chat and look forwrd to spending more time together.

As some one else says...most of us have many false starts before this deal starts to work...

Your here now and we will support you as you find your way to a new life in sobriety
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Welcome back Belinda, so what are you going to do to stay sober this time.
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has it been 6 months already.
real nice to see you posting.

sooooo...........what different this time?
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and i need some tatoo advice when your ready...
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Welcome back to SR and back on the wagon. Do you have a plan for staying sober? Meetings? Counseling? Anything different than before? Learn from your relapse and do it differently this time. :ghug3
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Welcome back to SR Mama.
You are definitely one of the chosen few that I have missed. The whole class of Jan. has missed you and we have wondered aloud about you and some of the others often.
Feel free to drop by the class anytime. The others will be very glad to hear from you.
Good luck on your renewed and revitalized quest for a better life.
This is from the class.
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What's different this time? Honestly? Nothing. I do know that last time the biggest thing that kept me going was SR. I stayed connected to people who understood.
My husband and I have an agreement that the money I would have spent on beer every week, I can put in my tattoo jar. Huge incentive for me. And I have a big project coming up!
I'm tired of feeling tired. I'm tired of feeling out of control. I'm tired of the guilt. I'm tired of disappointing my husband and my daughter. I've been depressed for so long I'm ready to give my meds a chance to work. I want to do all the things I left undone while I was drinking. I have work to do on my house and I'm ready for change.
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