Three months ago

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Three months ago

Three months ago I was sitting in this couch drinking my last drink.

Three months ago I felt lost, alone and defeated.

Three months ago I decided to stop. I decided to change.

Two months ago I was restless.

Two months ago I still could not sleep.

One month ago I saw something new.

Today I am three months sober and so thankful.

Thank you my friends at SR. You are newbies, oldtimers, wiser, younger, older, more stubborn, more cynical, easier, sadder, happier, etc. than are you and without you I might still be drinking.

Thank you for helping me join in on this celebration of life.

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great man excellent job!!! do you feel 100 percent better ?
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Great job im now since it is after midnight day 16
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rr423 - I wish I could say that I feel 100% better. I don't. I do feel better, I weigh less (thank you '12 week fitness' guys), I am not adding to my problems by drinking, but I am not better. I am in progress. I am returning and improving. There is still a long way to go.

scamy04 - Day 16 - great job!!! This is when I had toughest part of recovery. No sleep, questioning everything and making big decisions. Feeling strong and then the next second feeling really weak. I remember.

Lionheart - Thank you, this is so good. :-)

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Well are fabulous!!
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Well done on 3 months!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Well done on three months, my sister in sobriety!

(((hugs))) for you!
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Congratulations 55.
Things will come together more for you as the time increases.
Have faith in that. You are doing great.
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perpetual optimist
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Nice job! Keep moving forward!
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you may not be 'better' yet but i'm telling you each day out gets better and better. some days feel foul but that is just life.

some days felt foul before i started drinking. we're emotional creatures and it can be something as simple as a cloudy day.

the stark contrast between passing 6 months and 3 months is unreal. at 90 days i was still having unsettled sleep. i'm sleeping great now.

i did a lot of reading of what alcohol does to the body and not just the liver. it flat our does a number on it. i can't wait until i see how i feel after a full year with no poison (except sugar) in my body.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Beautiful post! Thank you and congratulations to you as well. 3 months is great!! I like reading your reflections on it.
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Take 5 on three months 55! Your courage and perseverance are Awesome.
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On my path.
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Thank you all for celebrating with me!

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I am so glad that you are doing well.

And, I hope that you enjoy the journey you are on.
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Well done, one day I wish to be as awesome as you

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everything is already ok
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Fantastic 55
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Another big congrats on 3 months!
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