Its friday

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Its friday

Its Friday ... Its been a week since I quit again. One day at a time I know . I really want a drink .Ive talked my self out of going to get one a dozen times already.Thought I was doing good. ITS BEEN REALLY HARD TODAY I know tommorow will be bad.Its good to know Im not alone. THANKS
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Hang in there. You can do this. It is just that voice wanting you to drink. U R stonger than that voice.
Grab a snack and a coke and plug in a good movie. Tomorrow is just another day.
Stay strong!
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just put it off, it all seems great to start with, but then it sux, just ask me... Towmarrpw is goning to suck!
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Make sure everytime you crave and romance the drink to play it all the way out to the last drink. You know, about a week later with your liver feeling like a helium ballon. You know that first drink ends poorly so play it all the way out. Good luck!
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Thanks how did u know how my liver feels
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Hang in there Scamy. The first few weeks are the toughest and as time passes it gets easier and easier until after a while you will be too bust REALLY enjoying yourself on the weekend to even get cravings.
You are doing great. I am sure you made it through last night and will do the same tonight.
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I'm currently on Day 12, my liver is feeling better....i think about how I heaved for 5 days, could not sleep for 3 days, sweating, body aches, unable to other words, do you want to do the withdrawal dance all over again?
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I hope you stayed on track last night
Early sbriety is a difficult time...

I think there are 2 types of cravings
perhaps a mixture?

One type is more a habit than physical.

You drive home and your car steers into your
favorite bar or package store.
You come home tired...sit in "your: chair and
want the usual comfort of a glass/can in hand.
To sleeep better...toss down a drink.

These can be avoided by changeing your routine

Drive a different route
Change the furniture around..sit in a different place.
Fix a glass of anything non alcoholic.

If you drink booze from a can...use a glass
If you did drink from a glass...use a mug

I did time my cravings in early sobriety.
Mine were 5 to 7 minutes in duration.
seemed forever...but that was false.

I took action....drank cold watter ...brushed my teeth
went for a walk...danced around the room...ate Lifesavers

I was also taking a multi vitamin and a B Complex
I was following an eating plan for hypoglycemia

Within 2 weeks they lessened immensley... in both
intensity and duration By 2 months they vanished

Keep in focus...Yes! you too can win over alcohol!
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yes i made it tonight seems better so far my twins has some friends over ive been playing x box 360 and eating candy with them thank yall
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Hang in there Scamy! Lord knows it's hard. I just keep thinking about how good it's going to feel to wake up sober the next day. I found that that was my button. RacerX said it on another thread here on SR and that was the thought that has really kept me going. Hopefully it might help inspire you in the same way.
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