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I just had 24 hours of whirl wind emotions, tuesday into wednesday. I had a really rough time at work, then found out my brother in law died (liver/kidney failure, due to this illness) and then it was my yr sobriety date. I was a wreck. I spent most of yesterday, crying, being happy, being sad, angry, laughing and generally being down right confused. I was feeling guilty i was happy about my sobriety when it was a sad day cos a family member died. I spent so long running from emotions it was a shock to get hit with so many in one go, pretty overwhelming. A great friend reminded me that i was sober and could help my sister. I wouldnt have been able to a year ago. A year ago, i would have been too drunk to have known what was going on. To be honest my family may not have even bothered telling me til the next day. I have gained so many gifts in this last year through sobriety, but bein able to be there for my sister and family is the biggest. I can cope with emotions. I got through them and they didnt kill me.
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Louis, I love your post!

You show so much honest and growth. Be proud of how far you've come!
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Thanks anna. I just re read my post. I dont know why i put tuesday intm wednesday. It was thursday into friday duh! This is the gifts all the people of sr and elsewhere have give me. People here not only help me but in turn help all those in my life. Thank you folks.
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Sorry to know your brother in law died so needlessly.
Prayers going out for comfort to all who love him.
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Grats on a year Louis!

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sorry for your loss ((Louis)) but thank you for the post

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My condolences Louis. I am so proud of you (if I may say so :ghug3) for staying strong through these hard days & especially to giving support to your family instead of being the one that needs it. Well done!
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Thank you, louis, for telling us your feelings. You've proven you can cope with emotions - as you said, you got through them and they didn't kill you. That's what amazed me, too, as I got well. All the things I'd hidden from could have been handled if only I'd trusted myself to do it without getting numb. We're growing and maturing every day.

Congratulations on your one year!
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Congratulations on one year - that is huge!
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