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Question TOPIC: People, Places & Things

Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and u I am truely grateful.

People, places and things.

You're armed with a sober friend
to accompany u to a club. Will
this keep you from drinking or

Is there a quarantee that just be-
cause u bring along someone who
doesnt drink or use will protect
u from the tempations that drive
u to drink or use?

Can you enter a bar, club and
try not to drink or use?

What is the biggest temptation
in places like that? Beer, wine,
all sorts of alcohol, men, women,
music, lights.....

People, places and things.

Do u still frequent places like
that while in recovery? How is
going to places like clubs or bars
working for you while in recovery?

For me, even today i wouldnt
trust myself going nor even
thinking of returning to a place
that was my favorite playground
filled with "POISON".
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Well, I'm 11 days new to sobriety. I'm sitting here reading your post just as I'm waiting for my friend to pick me up to go play pool. Same pool hall/bar that I've been visiting for years. So for my own sake I surely hope that being in familiar surroundings isnt going to interfere with my sobriety. I don't see drinking as an option, if I get uncomfortable, I'll just leave. But I must admit I find it ironic that I would happen to catch your post at this moment when it plays the role that it does. I will be extra cautious now! Thanks for your post. I guess it depends on the person and how bad they need to stay sober, and in my case, how much they want to play pool... I'll be fine
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...ah!..thats a big negatory on the pub scene for oz..

..i'm an ex muso..bars were my
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Staying away from people, places
and things was a lesson I needed
to learn in early recovery if i was
to stay sober. For others clean.

I used going to listen to music as
an excuse or reason to go to my
favorite club. I love music and to
go see and hear a live band was

However along with the music was
dancing and to dance id need a man
and if i wanted to really get into the
mood id need a "pick me up".

I could be there at the club for all
the right reasons,,,,just to listen to
music.....and have a voice offering
me a small drink.....which wouldnt
hurt as the voice explains.....and
my mind would agree at that moment.

Would one drink satisfy my cravings
for it? No Way......

Sure i could go one nite and not
drink and think i was safe. The
second time id go and still be cool.

Im in a good place with my recovery
and im not gonna drink.....

How can i be in a place sober when
everyone one else im talking to is
already under the influence. How
awkward would that be?

If i love music so much and had to
see a band then id have to have an
army of recovery support to be with
me. Unless the entire AA suppport
wants to go with me, then its not
worth losing or tempting my sobriety
for one nite of music.

Playing pool.....well.....maybe invest
in a used or new pool table for ur
garage or living room.

Have all ur sober or clean recovery
buddies pitch in and have a fun
pool party with bar b que and music.

There's always a solution for any
problem. Put ur sober/clean thinking
cap on and see what u come up
with for a happy joyous free living.
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I'm not actually that bothered by this sort of situation at all anymore, i would go and leave when i have had enough. Some places there would have to be a good reason for me to go to though.

We used to meet at a pub before and after meetings, so from day one there was always someone within sniffing distance drinking a pint or similar...i guess i just don't drink anymore and that's as far as it goes for me in these sort of situations...

It was not always like this, before AA, i wouldn't have trusted myself to go down to the supermarket without coming out with some alcohol let alone try and socialise without drinking!

When i got to the Hotel 7 weeks ago a friend of mine who is 23 years sober said for goodness sake make sure you tell them to clear out the mini bar when you get there, she said she always did that as she wouldn't trust herself not to grab the wrong drink in the night instead of a soft one...i didn't and left the alcohol in there, the small bottles of whisky served as an excellent place holder for my cans of diet coke i bought from the market...i've spent a lot of my life in Hotels and i always got drunk in them and would go through the mini bar on most nights but it isn't like that anymore thank i said everyone is different i guess:-)

Bit of a theory of mine this one but if you are in a place where you look at a drink of alcohol and think "wow i wouldn't mind one" or "wow i am glad i don't drink anymore"'s time to go home! If you were ok it wouldn't even register, just my opinion!

Sorry just thought, this does not mean i would sit with a bunch of drunks in a dingy bar and enjoy myself lol
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