1 Month - Very Thankful!

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1 Month - Very Thankful!

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that on Saturday I hit 1 month of sobriety. It feels so good to be sober and I just wanted to thank all of you on SR for all of your words of encouragement and wisdom. I'll never be able to put into words how much of a blessing all of you have been to me and just hope that I might be able to give back in some small way.

To all of you that are contemplating or just starting out on this new journey, let me say that even after just one month I can tell you that it is 100% worth it. Waking up each day sober is reason enough for me and things just keep getting better.

My first week or so I kept having the "how can I go without alcohol for the rest of my life?" thoughts. Those thoughts are now gone and each day of sobriety gives me a little more perspective on how great life is without alcohol.

I've been given another chance in life and, with God's help, I'll keep living sober one day at a time.

Take care, everyone, and I wish everyone a wonderful, sober day.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering. No 'pink cloud' syndrome here as my challenges facing me in life are's just that my perspective regarding these challenges have changed.
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Thank you, RacerX. I hope to see more of you on the journey. Drop on by the Step One forum and let me know how the work is going.
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RacerX; i remember some very supportive, encouraging postings from you last week when I first started's because of people like you that i have achieved 7 days.

congrats on your first month and thank you again, you are inspirational to me.
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Congratulations and keep posting
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Congratulations on one month!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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grats on your 30 days !!
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Congratulations on your month RacerX!!!!
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Hi Racer,

Good for you!

I didn't experience the 'pink cloud' thing either - too much guilt and shame involved. But, I agree with you that recovery is the way to go!
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I think being grateful is the pink cloud
The drinking me had forgotten that being thankful is cool.

Glad to know you are continueing your progress....
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Thanks for sharing a great message Racer, congrats on 30 days!
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congratulations on your month Racer! :bounce

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Congrats Racer!!! You could not have said it better. Because of this site and people like you I have been clean and sober now for 7 days. Keep are giving back in more ways than you know!!! Best wishes!
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Congrats on one month! Keep it up, it just keeps getting better
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Nice one!!

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Great job RacerX. I've enjoyed following your progress.
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Congrats on reaching one month sober! And thank you for your positive message of hope to the newcomer!
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I love waking up sober. Turns out, it's the best part of my day. EVERY day has started on a good note since I thought of it that way - thanks to you! I saw that little riff in one of your postings and that has stayed with me since. So thank you for that!

Huge, huge ups to you on your one month sober! Here's to many, many more.
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Congratulations, Racer!!! I have to agree with Fandy, that it is because of some of your posts that I have made it as far as I have. You and I quit drinking at pretty much the same time. Many a night I would read your posts and take comfort in the fact that I was not going through this alone. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Much peace, health, and happiness to you.
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