Congratulations Astro on 5 Years

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Congratulations Astro on 5 Years

Congratulations Astro on 5 Years of Recovery!
here's your marbles, now you can spend the next five years figureing out what to do with them!

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Thank you birthday boy for always sharing your message of hope and the joys of sobriety. You inspire me. Thank you for all you give to us every day.
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Congratulations (((Astro))) and thank you, for all you do here!!!


Hugs and prayers!

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Miracles Happen
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Congratulations My Friend
5 Years is Awesome!!!

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Congratulations Scoot - what a marvellous achievement

You're a great example mate - thanks for all you've done for me and all you do here for everybody

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Well done, Scott!

Be very proud of your accomplishment!

Thanks so much for all your hard work here, and for your support with the Newbies!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Wow Scott.......Congratulations!

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well done mate
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Congratulations!!!! Awesome!!!!
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5 Years.. Holy $hit!!! Congrats Astro!!!
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We Do Recover
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Awesome! Way to go! Congrats!
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Very nice. I'm happy for you Scott. 5 just might have a shot at this sobriety thing.
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Scott / Astro
Many blessings have come your way and thankfully you share about them with
the rest of us.
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Recovery is beautiful.........good for you Astro!!!
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..a whole new life..Astro!!!

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:day6 Thank you for being a special part of my recovery!!!
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Oh Awesome!!

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