Congratulations Astro on 5 Years

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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome Astro, Congrats on your five years!!!!!
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Happy Birthday ....well done

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Congratulations Astro.
It is party time with sugar free cake and sugar free soda.
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congrats Astro, and thanks for all your support and postings, you've really helped me this past week.
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Way to go, way to go! Thanks -thanks for all the encouragement and support and experience you share with us all! Blessings on your special day, bro! Love ya, Sista
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Rusty, thank you! That's a lot of marbles, I'm sure I'll never lose the last one.

This has been quite the weekend. Fri. night I got to share a quick 5 minute testimony at my Celebrate Recovery groups 8th anniversary celebration. Yesterday my wife & kids presented me with an enameled 5yr chip, a new meditation book, and breakfast in bed. We attended morning and afternoon church services, then I went to my homegroup's speaker meeting and picked up my bronze medallion.

But the best part.......

Is coming here every day and visiting with all of you to share our experience, strength, & hope. What a relief to have this place.

Bless you all
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Congratulations Astro - you are an inspiration to all of us! 7
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Wow! Congrats, buddy!
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I agree - what a relief to have this place to come to. I always enjoy what you have to say, Astro. Your attitude is wonderful, and ever since I came here you've helped me, whether I've said it often or not. Thank you for all you bring to SR - and well done on the 5 years!
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Astro, congratulations, wow what an accomplishment!
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Yay 4 you!!!!!!!!!
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5 years!!?!!! Wow!!! You are amazing inside and out. I am so happy for you S. You totally rock and I am so very grateful to have gotten to know you on this site and FB. Love ya - Sarah
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Nice one on 5 years sober!!

Peace and Love
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Congrats, 5 years that's awesome!8
There have been so much positive things and ability to enjoy life again in the mere 8 months I've been sober, so how awesome these five years must be...enjoy your sober birthday Astro!
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Congrats (((((Astro))))) thats awesome and thanks for being here with me
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Congratulations Astro! What an awesome achievement ~

Your posts were, and continue to be, such an inspiration since I stumbled onto SR quite by accident.

I'm sure it was by divine intervention and am so grateful to have been guided here to awesome people like you.

Thank you and Happy 5th! Hope your celebratory cake was sober-sized!

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Well Done!

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are a huge motivator for those of us just starting out. So thank you for that!! Congrats a zillion times over!
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Congratulations, Astro!! What a milestone Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us
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