day 3

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day 3

i carnt beleve i let myself get talked in to a stag do.
id done over 50 days sober
thats was 3 days ago
some of the lads i hadent seen for years and were saying how well i looked
ive had long time drug problems as well as alcohol problems
for some reason i have no problem not taking drugs.
but as soon as im in a party mood i carnt stop myself picking up the booz
i dont want to have to stay at home for the rest off my life.

i must admit i had a real good time for the furst half of the night
carnt remember the last few hours of the night just bits and bats

i fell out the taxi on the way home and am a bit betten up
what a fool i feal right now i can only just walk

and im getting marid in the morrning

looks like ill be back on day one again on tusday
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hope your wedding day goes ssmoothly
Best wishes to the two of you
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Congratulations on your marriage Jazz.
Please think about making Monday your day one tho

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jazz, be careful. The problem with early sobriety is that it's just that much harder to stave off the temptation of picking up.......especially when you're in the situations that you're in and going to be.

Getting married? Best wishes to you jazz, hope your day is a beautiful one.
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I will add my congratulations on your wedding Jazz. 8

Make your Stag your one last big blowout and carry on from there.
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That's what I am terrified of, parties, birthdays, holidays, basically anywhere where people say "Cheers!"... good luck & congrats!
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Congrats on your marriage. HOpe it all goes well. I hope also that you can stay off the booze from now on, one day at a time. You'll feel much better without it.
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Thanks every one .it scares me to ellabella .not the getting marid
though .my girls not botherd about my drinking .its just me on that one.
its the drugs she dident like.
thats why shes finaly mareing me after 19 years together
shes been my rock .withought her I might not be hear
shes my angel
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