Hi All.

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Hi All.

Hi All. I just wanted to come by and introduce myself.

I'm on my second night of withdrawal from another multi-week jag. So you will have to excuse me if I'm not at my most witty and charming right now.

On this one, I happened to rack up another DUI (thank goodness it was in another state), nearly get fired, and jack my mom's "I hate you" stare up another few notches.

This has got to stop. And as much as my sense of self-reliance hate's to admit it, it won't be by myself.

I've been to several AA meetings in my area, but they have never seemed to make me feel much better about my chances. I have always had an easier time, though, talking to people on the internet. So here I am. (ta-da)

Well, I won't keep y'all any longer. I sure hope all of you are feeling better than I am right now.

-Jay, an alcoholic.
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Welcome Jay! Glad you are here. SR is a great place for support.
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Welcome to SR!. Lots of support and good info here from people who have 'been there'. About the horrible withdrawals... you never have to go this again if you do'nt drink anymore.

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Welcome to SR DPJ

You'll find a lot of support and experience here - and some charm and wit

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... not to mention 'humility'.:rotfxko
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Red face Hi DPJ

..welcome..i got 6 days sober..yeah! i probably feel better than you the

..lets see if we can get ya mum,smiling..

..nice to read ya post...ozy...
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welcome to SR...
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Welcome! It's great to have you here!
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Hi Jay! It was a multi-week jag that brought me to my knees - and to SR. It was not feeling alone any more that gave me the strength I needed. I found the courage to do what I already knew had to be done. You'll find you are not unusual or unique, and you are no longer alone with this.

I hope you'll come back and tell us more about yourself. We care about you, and hope we can help.
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