30 Days and a 180 turn......

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30 Days and a 180 turn......

Today marks 30 days of not quickly the days seem to string together, it seems like just yesterday I was in one of the darkest places a person could be in. I felt a myriad of things; alone, ashamed, frightened, anxious, desperate, and a million other things...but most of all, a slave to alcohol. It was totally running my life.

I won't go on about all the things I let booze do to me as most of you already know for yourselves.....instead I just want to say those old feelings have been replaced with freedom, contentment, confidence, calmness, and just plain serenity.

I just like my life better now. This is the best 180 I ever made.

Hugs to all.
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Awesome ((VC))
Keep going, you are doing great!
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Wow, VC... Great to hear.
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thats great VC!!!!!

I feel exacty the same about my 37 days...complete 180 and loving it
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Yay VC!! Congrats on 30 days and your positive happy for you!
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That's fantastic to hear, well done.

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7 Congrats
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I am so happy that you are doing well!
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Sobriety really rocks, doesn't it?
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That's wonderful W
go you!

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Congratulations!!! I have to agree 100 percent with you regarding the good that will come when we put down the bottle or throw away the pills. Great post!!
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Got me smiling tonight...good news.
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Yeah....having a sober life is just so peaceful, to me. I'm just so glad to have the drama Greatly reduced in my life.

But, you know, I do keep a couple of horrific memories close at hand...I simply do NOT want to go back to that life. And if remembering some of the horror will do it, I'm on board.

I'm glad you have 30 days...we need you here!
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congrats to you vicious cycle. awesome accomplishment.

the days do just keep on rolling. that first week was by far my hardest one. of course part of it was physical withdrawal.

you rock my brutha. keep up the great work.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Thirty days is HUGE!!!!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Nice one!
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Congrats on 30 days! The good just keeps getting better and better
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Don't know how I missed this but..
Good Going VC !!
It's amazing how much better things get by simply not doing something huh?
Sounds easy, but we all know it's not a ride in the park.
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