Today is 1 Week - Feeling Weird

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Today is 1 Week - Feeling Weird

One week sober.

Overall I've been feeling decent up until yesterday. Then a real feeling of dread or melancholy has overcame me. I don't even want to watch the Super Bowl (I'm a big football guy). I've also been experiencing slight nausea too. I'm wondering if this is normal. I guess different people will have different symptoms. I don't know...I just feel weird.

Anyone have any feedback concerning that. I'm thinking of taking some natural supplements.
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hi mcfurley, im on day 13, and i can say the first seven days was ill, with flu like symptoms, aching limbs cramp,liver aching nausea seemed to be a heck of a lot rolled
into one.. I think much of this was a naturall detox of toxins being removed and actually
giving your body a chance to heal without the supression of alcohol..even after 12 days
still not 100%, this can have an effect mentally bringing stress apprehension, depression,
have found eating and drinking healthy, and keepin busy has helped a lot.. just beginning
to find better form mentally and physically day 13 for me.. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON
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Give it time. I took B vitamins and milk thistle to help the body detox. It just takes a little while til you feel 'normal' again. Eat good food, drink lots of water and juice, take vitamins, get lots of rest. It will get better! :ghug3
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It's a fact....early sobriety is confusing and
sometimes just darn distressful.....

Here is some info ...please do read

Post Acute Withdrawl - Relapse Prevention Specialists - TLC The Living Center

Hope you do stay sober....
there is so much good to be experienced.
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Be kind to yourself. Your body is re-adjusting. As Least said, lots of liquids, vitamins...........whatever rest your body tells you it needs. Things will vastly improve with time. Stay strong.

I will be doing the Super Bowl with Mt Dew this year, and I am really ok with it. It will be nice to remember it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The first 30 days seem to be the hardest. And everyone so far has mentioned some really great things to give some thought to. Hope you continue on and keep trying. It will get better with time.

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Can't add a lot to what has been said, but I did want to add that you might want to check with your doctor if the nausea persists. Detoxing can be pretty serious. You are doing great though and the first 30 days is an emotional roller coaster or at least it was for me. Haven't felt life for a long time and then suddenly our numbness has worn off and we are looking straight at all sorts of emotions. You will be just fine.
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