The best part for me of not being drunk

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The best part for me of not being drunk

The best feeling for me of being sober is waking up and not regreting what I did while I was stamering drunk. I hated that, thats probally what I hated most about drinking. Been through so many friends, so many family instances. Every family occasion for the past 5 years, I have always been so hammerd thats all anyone remberd. Its nice just to reunite with true friends that told you they couldn't be around you unless you got sober.

I may only have a handfull of friends now, but the ones I lost just provided me toxcity and toxic enviroments. Even got to see my parents yesterday, considering they havent seen me undrunk since I was 15. It was very difrent exp., a good exp.. Me and my dad haven't ever really got a long since then, he did have an alcoholic dad and a son, guess thats alot to handle. I have been getting along with everyone really good and it just makes me feel good I guess. I finally started taking my bipolar meds right too, maybee that has something to do with it.
Sorry for rambling on, Day 4!! Jonathon
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Good job, I agree, feeling sober does feel great!!
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Welcome to you both, Jonathan and Dave!

You're right...sobriety feels great. It's awesome too that it's not about the quantity but the quality of the old friends we keep and the new ones we make in recovery.

And the best part is remembering it all!!
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Congrats on day four of your sober life! I'm on meds for bipolar, depression, and anxiety. Now that I'm sober the meds work a lot better and my mood is much more stable. And no more waking up feeling anxious and sick. What a bonus! Welcome to SR! Glad to have you in the family.
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Welcome to the SR family and congrats on day 4 .. its gonna even get better .
As for the friends thing . I like to say its " Quality not Quantity " I would much rather have a few awesome friends then pile of drinkin aquaintences " . Keep up the great work ~ huggles Endzy ~
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Congratulations on your sobriety, it is good to see a shooter here as well....

But 30-06 is better

I find myself having a new revelation almost daily now that I have been sober for a little over a month. My mind is also getting clearer and clearer and I am excelling at school more than I thought I could. It is so good to be free of alcohol.

I have also lost a lot of "friends" who have no interest in my sobriety. I have a precious few who care about me and I am making more in the rooms of AA. I love AA and wish I could have gotten in the program several years ago.
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Hi Jonathon, waking up sober truly is a great feeling. Well done.
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