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I woke up this morning and put a big smile on my face and told myself "its gonna be a great day!" (someone's suggestion). It worked out pretty well yesterday. As I ventured out of my room, I discovered that one of my roommates had done something to intentionally **** me off (again) and it worked! I just don't get it...I really don't. WHY would someone who is living in this house to work on their own recovery find such pleasure in messing with me!?! and no, it is not my imagination. GRRR! I decided to go outside and shovel snow and then I will make my way over to the noon women's meeting in a bit. I just read the BB thing about "Acceptance". I still feel a knot in my stomach, but I am trying to do the next right things...
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Just focus on yourself and your recovery Valleyd, and you'll get past this.
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Some people may get so frustrated, that they may envy someone else's progress. It probably has very little to do with you. Perhaps they want to PROVE that you haven't changed much afterall by trying to get a big negative reaction out of you. Stand firm, it will end up doing not only you a favor, but that person too. :-)
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Hi, have you shared this with someone in detail......your sponsor?

Talking it through can really help. Once we can see the truth about our feelings in a situation like this we can work out way out of it.
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