A very special thanks to everyone

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not a greeter
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Namaste Wolfchild . 4 years is awesome!
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Wow! It must feel so amazing. Congrats. We are so glad you are part of our lives too!
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Four years is AWESOME! Congratulations

And thank -you-, for being an inspiration, for giving others hope, and for being living proof.
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everything is already ok
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Congrats Wolfy :bounce
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND.congrats wolfie.:ghug3
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same planet...different world
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Truly inspiring...congratulations! 4 years...just 4 today...awesome.

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Hey Wolfie - Thanks for walking your talk!!! You set a great example.
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FOUR YEARS! Awesome.....simply awesome!
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Life is Grand
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Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

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You are an inspiration to us all! Congrats!
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congratulations wolf'y

and thanks for all you do here bud!

and love the humor too!

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7 Congratulations
Your joke thread has made my time here more enjoyable.
Thank you for that.
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Congratulations WC! That is awesome!

You know I was thinking (uh oh...)...4 years for you, 2 months for someone else, day 1 and so on. It's the amazing fact that what once seemed an unattainable goal, can become a reality. Woohoo to you and to all who make it through TODAY!
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It's very inspiring to see someone say that it can be done! For now, I can't even begin to think of what life will be like in 4 years. But with each day that passes, my glimmer of hope grows brighter and brighter.

Congratulations, and best wishes for the next 4 years and beyond!!
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