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"wisdom to know the difference".....that's the hard part for me, too. I've become passionate about wanting to help others, now that I've seen the light. It's so hard to remember that I was once that person who couldn't see what I was doing to myself & the people around me.

You've done everything right. Here's hoping he will reach out for help.
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I understand Saphie - I really do.

It's been twenty five years but I still remember a guy I worked with - we had many happy discussions about 60s music....

Bill had interventions, counselling, rehab - all paid for and arranged by our employer (pretty good for the 80s)...he kept going back...and then one morning he just didn't come in...he'd drank himself to death.

What I didn't understand then, and I certainly do now, is that the desire to stop has to be internal, or it's just no damn good.

That we can't 'make' someone see still sucks - but it's the way it works.

We do what we can Saph, but it's not up to us.
Bless you for caring

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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
I understand Saphie - I really do.

That we can't 'make' someone see still sucks - but it's the way it works.

Dee, you are spot on there. I was only able to stop when I really looked in the mirror, saw the bags under my eyes, felt the shame of going to work hungover too many times, felt the fear of losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve, and acknowledged the fact that I was on a very slippery slope.
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Sorry for bringing this back to the top; however it looks like my co-workers working days are coming to an end after all.
Two days off again this week (apparently his teenage son broke his nose in a playfight) doesn't matter whether it's true or not.
He called four times and every time I couldn't understand him, he was so drunk. 8 am, 2 pm didn't make any difference and then he left a voice mail with my boss and was just as drunk.
Anyway I just wanted to know what help I should offer if he asks. I don't go to AA, but I would like to be able to point him in the right direction. Literature, downloads, phone numbers etc. Thanks.
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Hi Saphie

Perhaps keep it simple for him. Just the number or the location/time of his nearest meeting......
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Saphie the best thing you can do for him is for you to stay sober and remain open to him.

If you have given your boss the Big Book and asked him to read the chapter "To Employers" then for now you have done all you can with the exception of prayer. In most AA meetings I attend we almost always have a moment of silence for those still suffering.
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I'm afraid this is becoming a live broadcast I hate to say.
I just watched him come across the parking lot and he was walking like a puppet on a string and then fell picking up all his things of the road. Car stopped to help.
He came in and he seems sober, reeks of course, but seems coherent. He must be withdrawing badly.
Anyway the boss is on his way.
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