I REALLY need some drink suggestions!.....

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I REALLY need some drink suggestions!.....

Okay, so I still have the need to have a beverage in my hands most of the time. My DOC was champagne so I crave carbonated bevs. The problem is I can't find anything healthy.

Right now I drink Diet Sunkist in the morning (high in caffeine) and Diet Orange Crush the rest of the day. Night time is usually "Sleepy Time" tea, but that will probably go in the summer.

I'm losing weight like crazy because I'm not hungry most of the time. But diet sodas and even tea can't be that good for me. Especially since I'm not eating very well. Any healthy recommendations for good food and drink during the first few months of abstinence? I need a variety of choices. Getting really sick of orange sodas. LOL
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I hope you get some suggestions on soft drinks, but please do bear in mind that it is beyond completely irrelevant what you drink in the first year of your sobriety as long as it does not contain alcohol or alcohol free versions of alcoholic beverages, e.g. non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine etc:-)
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Hi Sunset,
I know the feeling of finding a non alcoholic beverage that also tastes good and doesn't contain all that sugar.
I drink Seltzer like crazy. Lots of bubbles. You can get it plain or in all kinds of flavors and it is basically just carbonated water, no calories, but lots of burping - just like champagne .
If you feel like splashing out try Perrier water, although I'm quite happy with my Seltzer.
Good luck and well done for looking for alternatives. So much better.
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I like a mix of 100% apple juice (not the concentate or processed stuff) mixed with sparkling water, it's an alternative to sodas, and you can experiment with the ratio of water to juice. Plus, the sugars are natural fruit sugars, not the processed stuff, and no caffeine. Works also with other juices.
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Personally, I had a water bottle in my hands constantly in my first year of sobriety. Worked for me. The good thing is water helps cleanse the body of toxins so if you are looking for something healthy you can't go wrong with water
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Hi Yes, would like to add, am just tryin to break outa the alcholic lifestyle,the probs i
find with this is im a drinkaholic, at home will drink tea and coffee all day.. Eve dont
mind that real red grape juice, wit natural spring water carbonated, though also have
just become aware recovering alcoholics avoid alchol free beers! i didnt know this..
its like am veggie, and eat soya meat subs.... but that dont make me want to eat a
cow or pig again, i must admit im happy to drink alcohol free lager especially cold
with a superhot curry weekends, also dont mind that slice lemon/Grated ginger tea..
I do think though have much trying and experimenting with all different types of
Alternatives if im to stay off longterm,
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Water works for me!
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I always need something sweet. So my choice is Crystal Light. Add some seltzer for carbonation. Its my drink of choice usually when dieting, trying to keep my mouth satisfied without the calories and sugar.
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Emergen-C!! Tons of flavors, little bit fizzy, lots of vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants... super yummy.
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Water works for me but then again I'm one of those strange alcoholics who never liked the taste of ANY alcoholic beverages. I would very often drink a beer in 30 seconds, just to get it over with.
Jones Soda is made with pure cane sugar and tastes pretty good.. I've seen it in cola, root beer, and diet cream but I doubt you'd want to drink them all day/night long. That would be ALOT of sugar
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Seltzer!! I discovered seltzer when I was pregnant and not only cut out any alcohol, but also most caffiene. I had to find a substitute for diet coke - don't like the caffiene free version. I knew I needed something fizzy and selzter is so refreshing. MMMMMMM!!!
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I've been making pitchers of decaffeinated tea sweetened with Truvia. I also like Crystal Light and Perrier.
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I'm a Perrier fan too. nice and bubbly and healthy.
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I drink sparkling flavored waters. There are all kinds of yummy flavors and they contain no caffeine.
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I'm a friend of my juicer! I juice any fruits I have in the house and if I don't drink them up I make frozen cubes of them, which really work great in fruit or sparkled water drinks.
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I agree that seltzer, ginger ale, club soda may help. I am doing water, hot cocoa, coffee, and coke zero.

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My new drink of choice is cranberry juice and Sprite (or Sierra Mist or 7-Up.) That is my new drink to unwind when I get home from work. Kind of like mixing a drink with alcohol, but not nearly as bad for me. I have also experimented with a carbonated tonic water called San Pellegrino. Dang good stuff, but fairly expensive. But then again, not nearly as expensive as alcohol. I hope this helps. There are tons of options out there when you start getting creating.
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What section of the store can you find EmergenC?
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If you are looking for something to drink and are not eating well you should consider Slim Fast or Carnation Instant Breakfast. (I use the powder and a drink mixer for both). Chocolate, or chocolate malt is my favorite and if I also pop a multi vitamin I know at least I've put something good in my body.
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club soda with lots of fresh lime
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