I REALLY need some drink suggestions!.....

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My DOC was vodka-tonic, so I will have the tonic without the vodka.

I know this is not a fizzy drink, but I have actually started drinking a lot of vegetable juice. It fills me up fast and keeps me from wanting to drink. It has lots of fibre, so it is excellent for your digestion. You have to read the label carefully, since vegetable juices can contain a lot of salt - make sure you get the low sodium version if you do give it a try.
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"What section of the store can you find EmergenC? "

It varies, usually either the health food section or the pharmacy. If you go to EmergenC's website they will send you free samples A few different flavors at first and then occasionally samples of new flavors...
I love pellegrino too!
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I love the English Toffee and White Caramel Chocolate Cappuchinos out of the machine at Circle K. I'm sure all the caffine I'm getting right now isn't great for me but it isn't nearly as bad as the alcohol was - that's for darn sure. Whatever helps me not drink, that's how I look at it right now.
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dopeless hope fiend
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Reed's Extra Ginger Brew- the best ginger ale ever made

Yerba Mate- i brew it at home and chill, drink with squeezed lemon, no sugar
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I like the seltzers or sparkling waters that have just a touch of lemon, lime or orange in them. One bonus for me is that I was gaining weight with all the wine, and the flavored sparkling waters have no calories. I don't care for the ones with sweetener in them, though.
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ever tried purdeys?.........its a vit and mineral drink.
sounds boring but its the bees knees.
not sure you can get it in the states
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I love Fresca (citrus flavor you seem to prefer). I also go for cranberry juice and club soda. Both have lots of fizz and lots of taste.

Matching champagne will be difficult. If I were you, I would add a fresh strawberry to whatever I drank. It may add to the 'specialness' you desire.

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I think water is the best option for drinking. After water I think Fresh fruit juice is the solution. For health conscious people, liquor should be avoided.
If you want to drink then why not try for natural lemon water.
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I like Perrier, especially the kind with lime or lemon if you can find it. It is kinda pricey though. You can get sparkling water of the non branded kind and then add lime or lemon if you like and that would work just as well. Also, cranberry juice is tasty.
Mostly I drink teas and coffees now though, as it's cold!
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diet sunkist has caffeine????? hmmm

At smart and final they have a huge selection of flavored syrups, both sugar free and regular. I have experimented with the fruit flavors (mango, strawberry and water melon) in tonic water to make my own soda, and I use the white chocolate, almond roca and caramel in light soy milk to make hot-chocolate type drinks at night.
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mineral water (esp San Pellegrino) if I can afford it
diet Hansen's ginger ale (has Splenda instead of Asparatame)
Emergen-C is awesome, I add a packet to a bottle of water, less fizzy but still nice
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I used to drink a lot of sparkling mineral water until I bought a soda stream. (I don't know if they sell them in the US). (?)
The soda stream carbonates tap water. I like that better than mineral waters because the mineral waters do have salts so that adds a taste to them.

I make a lot of different things with carbonated water, usually I add the flavor syrup of ginger ale or cola. But, I also make a drink by adding squeezed lime juice mixed with a small amount of vanilla syrup. I sometimes make frozen cubes of fruits like watermelon, mango. I pour the carbonated water over these cubes and that is a very nice drink.
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Originally Posted by blackbirdsing View Post
"What section of the store can you find EmergenC? "

It varies, usually either the health food section or the pharmacy. If you go to EmergenC's website they will send you free samples A few different flavors at first and then occasionally samples of new flavors...
I love pellegrino too!
EmergenC with any type of fruit juice is yum, yum, and more yum! Plus, it's good for you.

As the day goes on, I'm definitely drinking lots of water but, for my fizzy crave, I go with Diet 7-Up or Diet Sprite to keep away from the caffeine.
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Wow, Littlefish, your recipe and method sounds tasty and fun. I love seltzer, too. I usually add a splash of cran, grape, or lime juice. You can get cheaper carbonated water in cans, which is fine especially if you're going to put juice in it.

Knudsen's has an organic sparkling pear juice that tastes good and not cloyingly sweet. I brought this to my speech class when we had toasts to give.
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H2O & Seltz'a
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Wow! EmergenC rocks! And it's only 15 calories if you put it in water! SCORE!

Also, Rite Aid has a generic version called ResurgenC. Not sure how it compares because they were out of EmergenC, but it's really good. Happy camper now!

Also, is Sparkling Water the same as Seltzer? My grocery store didn't have seltzer.
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