Just wanted to introduce myself- I'm new here.

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Just wanted to introduce myself- I'm new here.

So HI everybody. I've sort of gotten in here backwards because I was looking at a bunch of other posts, but I wanted to say HI and introduce myself. bfromindy, will do. Privacy huh? Anyway, I was studying and then caught myself looking into recovery related stuff and bingo, I'm a newbie here. This is so cool, a meeting at 1:53 in the morning! Thanks for being here, I'll be looking around again tomorrow. I'd like to get in on an on-line meeting, never done that before!

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Welcome Bfromindy

SR is a wonderful place for support... hope to see you posting some more.

Take care,
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Hi bfromindy,

Welcome to SR...... You have found a great place for sobriety, lots of love and support!!

Hope to see more of ya,
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Welcome to SR Bfromindy! I am crackquack, 11 months clean. My DOC is crack cocaine. I came here in March of 2009. SR is really just a wonderful place full of information, support, love, comfort, and a little tough love too, but just an awesome place full of recovering addicts! I love it here, and I hope you do too!
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Hi bfromindy.... Welcome..
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Welcome to SR bfromindy

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Welcome to SR! :ghug3
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Welcome! Glad you are here. This is a great place for support.
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Welcome to SR bfromindy!
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Glad to have you here. Thanks for sharing.
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Welcome aboard bfromindy this is a great place.
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Welcome bfromindy,

This is a great place indeed and has been a life line for me (I'm on Day 8 of sobriety).

Read, post, read, post....repeat!

We're here for you and just know that you are NOT alone.

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Welcome to SR bfromindy.
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Welcome to SR! And don't worry about coming in backwards because some of us are just plain backwards anyway! lol Hope you'll keep posting and sharing, this is a great place for support.

God Bless,
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Welcome to SR bfromindy, good to have you here!
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