A Shout Out

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A Shout Out

Hi all,

I have been guided by many wonderful, surprising people! I have been so lucky and am humble.

Tonight I want to thank two of them.

... thank you Ralph for being a 65 year-old, hard ridden, Harley/Hell's Angels, AA hardcore, raging for life guy and befriending me. I was a young, Laura Ashley clad preppy. I had all of the money and prestige necessary to go far in the world. You taught me that my vision of the world could change. Perspective changes everything. So does attitude. Thank you Ralph, you may have physically died but I remember you every day. I am humbled and love you.

... Dr. Sloan you taught me how to use my mathematic mind to draw, you threw fuel on my problem-solving ability and I went for it. I learned how to use math (ratios and perspectives) to change my stick figures into an art show. Here I am after my first show, wondering how this happened. I remember you and thank you.

Thank you for these two wonderful souls who have changed my life forever.

Do you have any unexpected folks who have changed your life? Give them a quick shout.

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Wow ok...

I want to thank Steve my sponsor for being different whilst the same as me, to show me that we are all the same really and im not alone or unique.

And my friend Kathy for showing me what family means and how that it only takes 2 people to make one.
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My sponsor Bill, my best friend in recovery Scott, my amazing wife Charlotte, my mentor Jim C. who celebrated 39 years of recovery recently, and all the men in my Celebrate Recovery group.

I'm grateful for all of you and the ES&H you've shared with me.
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Thank you Amy for living what you preach.
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Big Dan,

my wise departed sponsor!
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My husband J for showing me that addictions can be overcome and that alcoholics are wonderful people who just need to be shown the way. I love you for changing my life for the better forever. My soulmate and bestfriend and sponsor.
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Hevyn, Goat, Taz, Mark, Dee, Carol, Anna, Paddy, LTT, Anne, Great, Neo,
oh I better copy the member list in here.
Thanks to All.

Thanks 55438 - it's good to appreciate others.
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I would like to thank SR for providing me this support system. I would also like to thank my parents. In the past I've blamed them for just about everything wrong in my life. Now I realize that I wouldn't be here right now, in recovery, and feeling strong and healthy again if they hadn't done something right. They made me stronger than I ever realized.
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