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Good afternoon! I am a newcomer to this forum. I am sober 7 months now and in the last week. I having been dealing with some emotions which I am trying to understand. It has been hard. I am a little shy when it comes to big groups,but I usually have been able to overcome too much embarassment until now. For some reason, when getting into a group of people, I have been dealing with a flushed face. My face seems to get really red. When I think about it, it seems to get worse. Its like my sensitivity to heat is much more pronounced than before I quit drinking. I was wondering if this is normal. I also have been finding myself having more anxiety in these groups. I am a teacher and this is very embarrassing for me. It only happens when lets say we're having a staff meeting. Please somebody give me advice. I don't want this to continue anymore. Yesterday I went to church and felt good. In one of the scriptures, it seemed like God was talking to me. One of the sayings that appeared to me said, "Look up to the Lord with gladness and smile. Your face will never be ashamed." Could this thing that Im going through be associated to shame??? Thanks for your help beforehand!
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Welcome Sleeves ~

Congratulations on 7 months! I had a similar kind of experience.

Alot of emotions seem "new" when drinking is eliminated - it's just that feelings/emotions had previously been anesthetized by the alcohol.

I'd check with you dr. about it. He/she may be able to recommend proper diet advice, etc. that can help. I'd certainly cut caffeine/sugar way down as that'll contribute to anxiety.

All the best,
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i can only suggest you discuss it with your doctor.
why would you associate it with shame?...

mild anxiety?.........i sometimes get it.........coupled with sweaty palms.
or finger nail biting.
some people find cutting out caffeine to be a big help for mild anxiety.

hope you find a solution.
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I've seen other posters write about this, so I think a flushed face is more likely to be something physical wionmysleeves....altho it may have emotional overtones - I 'go red' very easily, but I always have

Maybe check with your Dr?

Congrats on your 7 months.

I think we all have things we regret and are ashamed of in the past. I found the best way to deal with it was to accept that I couldn't change what happened, but I could resolve to do my best to live a good life, and perhaps atone for things I'd done, from now on.

Welcome to SR
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Yes, I agree, talking to your dr is the best thing to do.
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Congrats on your sober time! old are you....could it be perimenopause or menopause?

Of course, a doctor is your best bet. Glad you are here!
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I am 34 years old.
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Flushing ( part of peri menopause) can start at many different ages. I'd give your doc a call....just to see what they say.
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