moving sober is not easy

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moving sober is not easy

Oh i dont know what i wanted more, to drink the 5 yr old crown royal i found in the very back of that stupid cupboard above the fridge that smelled amazing
(you know the one you cant ever reach so only use it to hide stuff from the kids ...really why do even make
or kill my hubby, but ALOT of deep breaths and a few time outs later i made it! we moved from wyoming to denver 2 days after xmas hubby and son in the moving truck and me and the girls and our kitten named Smelley Kat in the car.
It is awesome to go to wal-mart and know that not a single soul in there knows i was a piece of crap drunk, and all the new people i meet and no one at the kids school know either woooohoooo it is easy to get a full recharge on the self esteem when i think of this, it is almost empowering me to become the best me i can be.
yep its me rambling as
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Congrats on your move Krys
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Goodonya Krys_wyo -----

I've moved a number of times in recovery, but always in the same city, now Houston is as big as the state of Rhode Island, so I guess one could say I've almost moved out of state a couple of times...........lolol.

One POSITIVE way I've been able to look at it is.........since I'm no longerg buying booze (or drugs), I'm saving a lot of $$, and I've been able to hire 'professional' movers every time. Oh what a joy to just have to sit by and point.................lolol

I hope your move has gone smoothly (or at least with fewer problems than expected).............. (o:

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Krys, your title made me laugh as I am getting ready to move YET again. Moving sucks no matter what, LOL!!! Glad you made it and best wishes to you on your new, fresh start!!! WOO HOO!!!!!
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Good job on resisting Krys and good luck in your new home.
Sometimes a new enviorenment is just what the doctor ordered.
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Moving is never easy. I'd rather dig ditches all day than have to move. I hate moving so much that I've lived in the same rental house for the last 21 yrs!

Congrats to you on a fresh start!
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Happy trails, Krys! Best wishes in your new crib ~

I used to move so much that people used to write my contact info in pencil in their address books! If I ever felt the urge to re-arrange furniture, I just moved - it seemed easier!

Actually, I realize now that I was always running away, hoping a new environment would make things better. It never did.

How awesome to be able to move towards wishes...and way to go on resisting the royal...!
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