In 10 minutes it will be 1 week since my last drink!

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In 10 minutes it will be 1 week since my last drink!

I am feeling even better today.... still a few tummy issues but my body is also adjusting to being back on food and not mostly booze... I am trying to drink lots of tea (found a great herbal tea that is to promote healthy livers) and water and eat foods high in anti-oxidants and other foods good for the liver... just to get it strong again. No signs of damage but I would feel better babying it for awhile, lol... I had a more energy today that even yesterday.... slept great last night... THIS BEING SOBER THING ROCKS!!!!
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Awesome! Congrats! I'm sure that your liver really appreciates all the positive attention. Keep moving forward. And yes--Recovery Rocks!
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Congrats Ms Happy!

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ya know how when babies are born people always say "oh enjoy them now cause they grow so fast".....
i thought they were crazy, im holding this tiny baby and yesterday he graduated high school (true story im very proud of him )
Well thats how sobriety is to me, i remember 7 days and 10 days then soon it was 69 (day of my first meeting) and now it has been 3 and a half where did the time go!!!
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Good for you....
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Hi Happy, Keep up the great work! It is so great to wake up in the morning clear headed! The tea sounds really good. Water with lemon helped my stomach and so did chamomile tea, actually. My first 2 weeks of sobriety I slept a lot, looked foward to sleeping, it was so restorative. Take it day at a time!
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That is so awesome!!! I am glad you are enjoying sobriety. I love it too.
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Originally Posted by MsHappy2BSober View Post

Yes it really does!!

Well done
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds great to me, AWESOME!!!!
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Congrats on one week sober! Yes, being sober really rocks! So nice to start feeling good again and to wake up without regrets and feeling horrible.

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That is great news, congrats on your first week of sobriety! It is a great feeling, isn't it?
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good job!!
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Congrats MsHappy.
The first week is the hardest physically and you made it.
Keep up the good work on your quest.
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Yeah, good for you mshappy, third day for me,must admit still reeling an gettin over the
last fatefull act of consuming 3 litres of cheap as chips! lethal cider, hopefully detoxin
the last of it out, though must admit todays a struggle was down the local shop pickin up
a bottle of my mrs favourate tipple chardonney.... HAD THE STONGEST COMPULSION,aARRRR!!! To grab a cabernet sauv toooo!!!! MANAGED TO GET THE
CHECKOUT PAY UP AND SHOOT THROUGH, Phwooo close call. Know doubt be in for a lot
more of these near crack experiences!!! feel good i skipped the first close encounter,
this is gonna be a tough weekend, will need to dig deep,
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