Day 5 and still feeling not so good

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Day 5 and still feeling not so good

Well, I have not had a single craving for booze, so that is a plus... downside, i am fatigued easily... got out of breath walking slowly from the car to a house we were looking to buy and then around it and back to the car (yes, I know changes are bad the first year but we are out of a place to live in 39 days) The sweats are gone but my appetite is still not all that and my tummy issues are keeping up. I think I made myself sick drinking too much water... got all bloated but I was trying to flush my system out. My anxiety is coming and going.

I hope all this is normal!!!!! I want to feel NORMAL again!
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It sounds normal to me from my experience - but pls check with your doctor if you're worried

Good luck with house hunting - there are some changes we just can't help - life moves on

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Congratulations on Day 5!

We do a lot of abuse to our bodies when we were drinking. Now that you aren't putting alcohol into your system, you're really going to notice changes that are taking place. On day 5, you're still pretty much in the detox stage, so you're naturally going to have nausea, lack of an appetite, maybe some diarrhea. All that will settle down. Physically you will feel better again soon. I'm not sure where the shortness of breath is coming into play, maybe anxiety? Not sure but if it continues, I'd check it out with your doctor.

Do you have any kind of support system in place? That's great that you haven't had any cravings but believe me, you eventually will. I highly suggest going to AA, getting some other women's phone numbers so when you get an urge, you can call someone. Some of us can go through a detox on our own, but we can't stay clean and work on our Recovery by ourselves. Believe me, I tried that route more times than I could begin to count. It doesn't work. SR is a great support system, but f2f is also needed.

Congrats again and keep posting and sharing.

God Bless,
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I was not in great shape on Day 5 either, but it varies from person to person. I think I was overwhelmed with anxiety at the time.

Do talk to your dr if you are concerned.

And, don't stress about the new house. It can be a new start for you.
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Hi There! I'm on Day 1 of life without alcohol so please take that into consideration with anything I say...errr...write.

FWIW, I suffer from anxiety....have for years. I was put on Lexapro (10 MG) in 2004 and, although I have taken it every day, I never kept up with the original therapist that prescribed the medication. I also found out from my new psychiatrist today that alcohol actually kills any/all benefits from the Lexapro.

I'm not sure if you've ever been checked for anxiety disorders but, FWIW, you described a lot of my symptoms - shortness of breath, racing heart, tightness in chest. It can be really scary as a panic attack can mirror a heart attack and you definitely want to get checked out to make sure.

Anyways, the best thing I did was to get in therapy and to also get a psychiatric evaluation. If anxiety is playing any part with your symptoms, it is definitely manageable.

God Bless!

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Hi, you will not be able to flush out alcohol from your system by drinking lots of water. The only way to get rid of it is by abstinance.

If you drinks lots of water, too quickly, you will flush out much needed salt/electrolytes from your body and you will feel bad.

If you are not eating much and particularly not healthily you won't have much of these essential nutrients in the first place. Flushing them out quickly can be deadly (hence deaths which occur with very low calorie liquid diets with people who don't follow the exact advice on drinking water - either too much or too quickly)

If you are not eating much you are already on a low calorie diet so please ease up on the water. Make sure you are getting all nutrients, vitamins etc and if you are still concerned, it is wise to see your doctor.

Take care.
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An on set medic once advised us that when it's really hot weather, or when you're dehydrated, you should alternate water with gatorade, but neither in too much quantity. Gatorade contains a lot of electrolytes and if you drink too much you can actually make it worse. So a nice balance of both is recommended. Also vitamins, like many others have said in other posts. But I always prefer to get my vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. That is of course, once you can keep them down.
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