Thought I'd share

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Thought I'd share

As most people always say, when you don't want to go to a meeting, GO! And I did just that tonight and heard the most important thing I've heard in the past 2.5 months, actually the most important thing I've heard period. I'm not really a religious or spiritual person, but I am seeking everyday. I've found coincidences in the past which I attribute to my God and thank for nightly. But I still struggle with it at times. Well lo and behold, at the meeting tonight a speaker mentioned that when they found their God, it was when the mental obsession to drink left them. Well DUH!!!! I've been continuously seeking God and how could I have missed this most important thing staring me right in the face. It's been there all along and as long as I look at this one day at a time, I believe God will take care of me. Thank God He took me to that meeting tonight!!!!!
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I understand that, read in a random newspaper: If the idea of god makes you uncomfortable, maybe you need a different idea" Alway's stuck with me.

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Thanks for sharing your awakening with us
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I'm glad you're doing well!
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God is always talking to me through other people....when I am listening.
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