Hevyn has 2 years!!!

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P.S. Trucker, thank you for letting George make a special appearance on my thread! He sure did make me smile - he's gorgeous.
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Coming in late to say congratulations, Hevyn,
but the wish is sincere and so is the gratitude
that you share your recovery with all of us.

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Congratulations to one of the kindest and most inspiring people here!! I'm so proud of you Joanie.You are such a wonderful example to so many here and I treasure your friendship very much. :day1

Well done!! Love you,
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Go ask the Multivax
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Keep doing good things!

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Awesome...2 years - Congratulations!

I'm new to SR, have seen some of your wonderful posts and look forward to many more!

Sober Hugs and Rock 'n Roll

Way to go! :day6
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Congratulations on your 2 years sober Hevyn.
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I always enjoy your posts, Hevyn....a Huge congrats on TWO years! How cool is that?!
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Dearest Joanie,
I don't think you really do know how much you inspire people.
On my way to work I was selfishly thinking about my birthday this year (yep a big one) and I WAS going to have a drink. It's not even until August.
Anyway I came in and read your accteptance speech (well it is January after all ) and it made me realise how stupid this 'old' woman is. Thank you I did need a good wake up call. I came to SR the same way you did and it affected me the same way and still does.
Luv Marion
PS: Maybe waterproof mascara for next year?
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Congratulations Hevyn on your 2 years! That's awesome!

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YAY Hevyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you're feeling very proud. Good for you!!
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