Scary thing happened last night

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Scary thing happened last night

I came home from a meeting last night, and I was really thirsty and had a salty snack I was munching on. The only thing cold in the refridgerator was a new bottle of Martinelli's.
I got out a wine glass, I wanted to keep the wine glasses becuase they are very expensive Lenox crystal. So, anyways, I was thirsty, and I drank glass after glass of sparkling apple juice until the bottle was almost empty! :wtf2

I woke up at 1:00 in the morning with a massive sugar hangover and didn't get to sleep until 3:30. I woke up later than I ususally do, but I'm having some chicken, brown rice and vegetables and Perrier so I'm feeling better.

Sound familiar so far?

Now, instead of apple juice, what if that was a bottle of wine? All the work I put in and the 62 days I built up would be gone.

Another lesson in powerlessness. I'm even powlerless over a bottle of Martinellis! I drank it alcoholically, and got a sugar hangover.

My body just HAS to stay away from excessive sugars, I just can't handle them. Oh, and the expensive Lenox wine glasses are going out, I'll give them to a friend.

Now it's time to go to the OS sweets challenge and confess my relapse.

Cunning, baffling, and powerful!
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To be honest with you, I drink a lot of stuff alcoholically. I chug my coffee and drink it to excess. I love real coca colas. I tend to drink beverages quickly I can't help it.

I am not worried about it though, because it is not alcohol.
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My sponsor said that yourr body will still want the amount of liquid you were drinking before for a period of time, he said he went through coffee like it was going out of fashion when he got sober 24 years ago! I like diet coke, sure it would be healthier to drink water...having been sober just 6 months i could not care less about making a switch from diet coke to water! Lets be a bit sensible about this i was drinking alcohol from noon till midnight everyday 6 and a bit months ago, even a doctor would say go nuts on diet coke by comparison to the damage we were doing before hehe

if the sugar keeps you awake though, that sucks so i would say go to natural fruit juices or some sort of diet/low sugar drink?!
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I'm inclined to agree with nana and yeah. I've had to get a big plastic tumbler for water because I just make too many trips with my pretty small glasses. I open a can of diet soda and it's gone before I even realise I'm drinking it. My recovering, overweight, trying to get in shape body wants lots of fluid and I'm happy to oblige.

What's OS sweets challenge?
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I drink a lot of cold water and hot tea. I stopped drinking coffee and soda years ago to be healthy (while I still drank lots of alcoholic fluids ), so now I only drink water, tea and milk and occasionally apple juice. But big amounts of it.
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I had so many wine glasses, different colors/designs/different shapes for white or red I had wine glasses for every occassion. I also had a collection of wine bottle stoppers (course I rarely left a bottle unfinished but I had them just in case...) and a collection of wine bottle openers. One of the first things I did when I stopped drinking was get rid of it all, I kept 1 stopper as it had a Schnauzer sculpture and my schnauzer died while I was in the hospital from overdose, I cut off the cork part though; out of site out of mind for me.
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Yeah, I know I was a little dehydrated, I was eating something salty. Apple juice is not alcoholic, but I knew I wan't supposed to consume sugar and I picked up anyway.
I sure know now, NO alcohol is coming in this house, ever!

The OS challenge is something on the Eating Disorders board, a bunch of use pledged to give up obvious sweets for 100 days. I'm back on day 1.
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I'm not familiar with sugar hangovers but I'm glad you're feeling better.

I think balance is something most of us find we need to work on - you're in good company WakeUp

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Yeah I can relate to chugging any liquid I got my hands on, still do it occasionally, my wife watches me eat or drink and points out,"Hey what's the rush?" I will take a deep breath sometimes say a quick prayer and enjoy my meal or beverage. I have 10 yrs sober so do not feel bad, just one day at a time.
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Once at my mom's house for Christmas I decided to have my milk in a wine glass. Be a "part of" b/c everyone else was drinking. I got off the phone with my ex and I chugged that milk like it was nobodys business. LOL. I don't do THAT anymore.
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