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My Experience

Hi my name is Justin and I am an alcoholic! I'm 25 years of age and attend college here in Texas! My story begins at a very young age. First if you met me you would love the personality because I'm told I have a great personality but it has its dark side of being an addictive one. Im a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, a Star scout in boy scouts, I love to play basketball and guitar. I have always put forth 110 percent to what ever I did... Even my drinking. I started when I was 18 and didn't stop. I was responsible at first and only drank at night 3 beers was my limit because I only weigh 135 pounds luckily I still do. But by the time I was 20 I was hiding my drinking and stealing my dads beer and sippin into their liquor cabinet. When I turned 21 I did not drink for like seven days not even on my birthday because I was working. But it was so much easier to buy beer that it made me drink it that much more often. I would drink and drive all the time I never felt like my driving was affected until I got my DWI when I was 24.... October Friday the 17th 2008. I was texting while driving while drunk<--- thats not a good combo. Anyways! I rear ended a couples car that I did not see stopping! When the cops arrived they could tell something was up but I was totally coherent and they could not tell if I had been drinking. Until they saw beer in the very back of my car then it started. I told them I had been drinking but told them I didn't know how much I had had. They did the sobriety test and FAILED the they took my BAC since I had hit a car they can legally force it now I guess.... Anyways I blew a .345 <-- they couldn't believe it! I could recite my SSN, name, and spell it, recite the ABC's perfectly... I just couldn't walk in a straight line. Thats when I knew I had a problem! I stopped for a month because I was put on Lexa for that time being because of my depression. But then I stopped taking my meds thinking I was cured and boy I was wrong. Old habits came back and my closet drinking was worse. I hid it everywhere and at anytime I was always drunk. Because once I start I can't stop! It wasn't until now I feel relieved that I have finally admitted that I am an alcoholic. I feel blessed that there are support groups like this out there that I can get on or peeps to talk to at any time of the night!

Thanks guys with much love
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Welcome to SR!
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Welcome onesidezero512

I can totally relate because 'I once had a problem that had me' too. Liberation from alcoholism with addiction treatment is the way for me.
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Welcome oneside!

SR is a great place for support and education on what I believe to be a disease. If you haven't already, take some time to read the stickies.


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Glad you found us! I hope you're drinking career is over with, rather than to continue because it just gets worse. Some of us (myself included) kept going back for many more years of abuse. I hope you'll continue to share as much as you are comfortable with sharing.

God Bless,
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Welcome to SR....reaching out is a very BIG first step!! Good for you!!
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