I fell and I feel great....

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I fell and I feel great....

I have come to the realization that I am not perfect. And thats the best thing ever. Now I might finally help myself. I'm not gonna continually put all this pressure on me to succeed. Do I want to quit? Yep. Am I gonna say my life is lost if I dont? not anymore. Life is to short. I am gonna continue to strive to quit and be a better person but I will not put myself down when I fail. Not gonna happen. I have finally come to love myself...
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No...noones perfect TFL. Many of us 'fell over' a time or 60.

Beating ourselves up for something thats done will only tend to drive us backwards.
I still think it's a good idea to try and learn for our mistakes though

Glad you're back on the road.

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That's a big step! Thanks for sharing.

I'm glad in my group the only requirement is a "desire" to stop. (If we could do it perfectly we wouldn't need to go there, or keep going back right?)

Here's the way I look at the benefit of acceptance:

Denial: There is really no problem, so there's no need for a solution. (I'll just just continue to beat myself into the downward spiral....!)
Acceptance: There really is a real problem. There MUST be a solution. (It may take time, but I'm willing to try.)

I spent a long time beating myself up over something I had completely NO Power or Control over. What a waste of time it was... (I still do this today in many areas of my life actually, hard headed maybe?)
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