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I'm going on 2 weeks from a daily 240mg oxy habit. Everyone is different. There is no solid answer. I'm on my 13th day and my mornings are HORRIBLE! By nighttime I keep saying, yeah I feel a little better. Then I sleep like crap and have morning anxiety like you would not believe! That is my brain wondering why the hell did we end our addiction. Followed by feeling like 10 guys beat me up with bats! I am HAMMERED tired!

You have to realize recovery is not an overnight or date? process.

I have 2 kids as well. Every day they ask me how I feel on a (school) A,B,C,D...F scale. Some times I'm a C and sometimes I'm an F-. They tell me to keep tryin. Afterwards I'll go in the basement, cry, think to myself, what the F did I do to myself, etc... etc... and THEN! I GET PISSED OFF and start chuggin along again. Eventually I and YOU will be an A+ again!

I can write a novel on how I am mentally and emotionally.

I'll leave it at this... If you truly want to quit, YOU HAVE TO F**KIN REALLY WANT IT! Don't worry about when it will end. Just FIGHT with all your might for each day and you WILL get there!! The length of everyones tunnel is different but there IS light at the end! Stay Positive!!

Your Friend of Misery
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