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not that new

I've been struggling with recovery for about 3 yrs now, but my counsellors have been great and i think that is what keeps me here. I have not much for support so I have appreciated them greatly.In the bad days dying always seem easier but i haven't found the guts so i just continue to torture myself day after day.Finally in the last 4months my family doctor and counsellor have made me realize that my mental health is a big factor to my recovery.I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, and the reality is i have for many years just not diagnosed.I guess that is part of why I'm here because i have been unsuccessful at meetings because my fear of people and the fear of showing my sadness, hopeleness, and how weak i really am prevents me from succeeding to move forward.This is an option that may work for me.Also on Monday after waiting 5 months will be my 1st appointment with a psychiatrist on monday.I guess i'm here to look for a support that i can accept and use with being afraid.
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Welcome lost, I'm sure you'll find plenty of support from our family in recovery here. Please take the time to look around our Mental Health forums too, you might find them helpful.
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Good for you for continuing to push forward. I'm glad you're getting counselling and it's good that you're going to see a psychiatrist. I also had anxiety and depression, long before I began to drink. The depression is now treated. And, in recovery, I find that the anxiety is manageable, most of the time.
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Thanks for the support and encouragement i'm learning to believe and understand that the more chances i take i will realize not all friendships and relationships are destructive and one sided.
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Glad you are here Lost. We need you.

About 6 years ago a guy gave me some really, really, bad news. He explained to me that life really is all about human interaction. Without it we don't grow much. Well, I thought I'd never say this, but I'm beginning to believe him.

You'll find all sorts of advice in how to deal with those nosey, noisy, smelly creatures here. I'll be learning right along with you.
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Welcome Lost2010
Some of the best friendships of my life have been made right here @ SR

You'll find some amazing people here

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Welcome Lost

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Hi and welcome, you can share with us whenever you are ready.
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Went to my appointment and now I'm on more meds but very hopeful this will help me, will help me sleep better and also with anxiety.This should work with the anxiety and depression meds I'm already on.I need to work on recording moods and thoughts for everyday, seems so crazy but when you don't know what you feel most of the time its seems so hard but I need to keep working at it.
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Welcome to SR from a fellow Canuck.
Everyone here has everyone else's best interests at heart so I hope you find it is uplifting to you to come here and read and post.
I know it is for me.
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Humans can be extremely scary, violent, maddening, sick, animals. However, those are the MINORITY. One thing to remember is you are human too. You anxieties may feel real, and your feelings very much so are, but people, in the majority, are wonderful creatures. They can be warm, caring, and HUMOUROUS! You're gonna miss out on a lot of great laughs hiding!
Not saying just jump on out there. Just work on it. Make some progress every day. Even if it's just baby steps! We'll be here to encourage you and I do think SR is a great first step to human interaction, safely. Keep working on yourself, and before you know it, you'll be in those meetings interating face to face. Don't worry about rushing it or anything. Just take your time.
Kinda (sort of) like my unfounded fear of spiders (they ARE smaller than me, ya know?). I'd run at the littlest one, scream.. Whatever. Now that I've been cleaning a building, FULL OF THOSE NASTY THINGS, for a year, when I see one, I either chase him off or squash him, cuz hey, I AM bigger. And how is something, that size, gonna bite through my shoe? Maybe, a small chance he could climb up my pants leg, but the chances are minimal that he could get onto bare skin before I can smash him or run him off back outside. The wolf, black widow, and recluse (sp?) get smashed asap since their poison is very harmful to humans (and the wolf spider is never afraid of people, they jump at you, crafty terds), but the daddy long legs get picked up and put outside. Why I am telling you this, IDK.. Maybe for some of that humor?? hahaha...
Anyway, I am glad you found SR and keep coming back. Keep working on your recovery. Don't ever, ever give up! :ghug3
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